Faces of Cancer recognises World Ovarian Cancer Day

Faces of Cancer recognises World Ovarian Cancer Day
Ovarian Cancer Ribbon
Ovarian Cancer Ribbon

Today, Wednesday, May 8 is designated as World Ovarian Cancer Day – a day set aside to acknowledge the impact of ovarian cancer on individuals, families and communities; a day to share information on testing, prevention and treatment and to provide support for those battling the disease.

It is dedicated to creating and raising awareness about ovarian cancer, the women’s cancer with the lowest survival rate for which there is little awareness and no cure.

In St. Lucia, the Faces of Cancer will participate in creating awareness by hosting an eye-opening presentation on ovarian cancer by Dr. Owen Gabriel on Thursday, May 9 at the Police Canteen on Bridge Street from 5 p.m. The free presentation promises to be an educational revelation for participants.

It is hoped that through this presentation we can build awareness of the condition and how to identify symptoms early enough to ensure improved care and life expectancy outcomes.

Ovarian cancer is particularly important to be aware of as symptoms are often misdiagnosed, as they can be confused with common gastrointestinal complaints.

Early detection and diagnosis is therefore important, and one of the main goals of World Ovarian Cancer Day is to raise awareness among the population, motivating those at risk to seek regular screening.

Here are five key facts about ovarian cancer:

* All women are at risk of ovarian cancer
* Awareness of the early warning signs of the disease could save lives
* Diagnosis at an early stage vastly improves a woman’s chance of survival
* Ovarian cancer is often diagnoses at a late stage
* Many women mistakenly believe the cervical smear test (pap smear test) will detect ovarian cancer


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