Facebook bandits strike again in T&T

Facebook bandits strike again in T&T

(TRINIDAD EXPRESS) — Citizens are being asked to be careful when selling personal items on social media accounts.

It comes after yet another individual was robbed during a “meet-up” for a sale.

The latest victim is a 21-year-old man, the victim went to, Santa Cruz, at about 2p.m on Tuesday, where he was expected to meet an individual he met on Facebook that had agreed to purchase a Samsung S8 Cellular phone.

When he arrived at the location the two agreed to meet, the victim was approached by two men.

One of the men had a gun.

The victim fled, leaving the “purchaser” with the cellular phone valued at $2,500.

The police were then notified and officers of the San Juan Police Station responded.

Senior officers in the division advised that persons who wished to make sales of personal items needed to adhere to caution.

“Public places such as malls are preferred. If it is a large sum of cash involved, and you are concerned, you can even contact a police station, and you can request that the exchange be done there or nearby in the presence of persons. There are options available to you. But do not make yourself a soft target. Do not go into areas you do not know simply hoping for the best,” Express was told.


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