Ezra ‘D’ Fun Machine’ Augustin named brand ambassador for Climax energy drink

Ezra ‘D’ Fun Machine’ Augustin named brand ambassador for Climax energy drink

PRESS RELEASE – Though the 2017 Saint Lucia Carnival season has ended, one former Party Monarch has been reined in by Climax, for his infectious personality and high spirits.

Renowned island wide for his energetic bursts, fun persona and his prowess on the mic, Climax is proud to announce Ezra Augustin as their official Brand Ambassador.

Speaking on the ambassadorship, Fern Wilson, Junior Brand Manager for Climax said, “We are thrilled to have Ezra, the fun machine, as our brand ambassador. He embodies, exhibits & personifies the core values of the Climax Brand: activity, Vivaciousness, fun, energy.”

“Climax is an Herbal Energy Drink with a unique taste & a delicious contrast of smooth, sparkling refreshment, and a strong yet sweet experience. It gives an energy boost that keeps you going for hours. Ezra, we would like to think, exhibits that same energy Climax is known for.”

She continued, “He always presents his ideal self, his spontaneous nature & connects with his fans with ease; he embodies the characteristics of a good man.”

Attaining the Party Monarch Crown in 2014 with Bacchanal Rampage, Ezra has proven himself to be a versatile, consistent artist, with an immense sense of pride and loyalty to his country. With his fun-loving persona, Ezra, as the Brand Ambassador of Climax, is a natural fit.

“We are proud to announce this partnership today, August 7th, his birthday, and we are very confident that Ezra will represent the brand well.” Wilson concluded. Climax and Ezra both promise to keep the party going and invite Saint Lucians to join us online at https://www.facebook.com/ClimaxSaintLucia/ for more information on this exciting partnership.


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