Ezechiel Joseph accused of sexual assault

Ezechiel Joseph accused of sexual assault
Left to right: Joseph, Compton-Antoine.
Left to right: Joseph, Compton-Antoine.
Left to right: Joseph, Compton-Antoine.

With less than one week before the next general election, Independent candidate for Micoud North, Jeannine Compton-Antoine has come out to accuse former Agriculture Minister Ezechiel Joseph of sexual assault.

She told supporters on Sunday at a public meeting that was the main reason she left the United Workers Party (UWP).

Compton-Antoine said the only person she ever discussed this with is her husband, but had been haunted for years of being told that she ‘abandoned the people,’ and left the party that her father founded.

The former MP recalled that the incident took place at the Ministry of Agriculture at Castries Waterfront, while she was there to speak with the then minister about issues farmers were being faced with in Micoud North.

Compton-Antoine claims that Joseph kept interrupting her whenever she was ready to speak about the problems her constituency was faced with at the time, and instead he started to “chat me up.”

When she decided to leave, Compton-Antoine said Joseph allegedly grabbed her.“He tried to take off my shirt and kiss me, and you are telling me that I must stay with people like that?”

Joseph has denied that the incident ever occurred and questioned if its true, why Compton-Antoine never spoke about this alleged sexual assault as a reason for leaving the UWP before, until now.

The UWP Babonneau candidate is seeking legal advice on the matter.


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  1. Why did she took such along time to make it public? If this woman was a woman of integrity she would not encounter a situation of this kind. In the first place the gentleman who is of a sound mind would not just acted in that manner abruptly towards the lady. That is a clear indication of such a unruly character this woman is and whoever is in a relationship with her must be on the alert. She's trying to spoil the reputation of the minister. Watch what you say it only exposes you publicly. If I was with you I would not spent one other day with you. I'll pray for you.


  2. Know one knows the truth only you..god n the person you working for. If its true that u got sexually assault ..am sorry for what happened to you..if this is jus make up story .. If u getting paid to say such lie. I will still feel sorry for you cause saying such lie jus to destroy someone else is only going to hurt you in the end cause the tongue is a powerful weapon


  3. Deefay - you said a couple of things which I personally disagree with.
    First, you said that she is of 'high society' and secondly, the accused
    should step down and allow someone else to run in his place.

    I don't know under which rock you are hiding; saying she is not a commoner
    To use the phrase "Commoner" tells me something about you. What is a
    commoner? please tell me. Do you still believe in a Class Society for St. Lucia?
    By implication of course, the poor commoner should give way, to please????????


  4. @Defay, I disagree with your opinion that he should step down as this will set president. Are you telling me that if someone is going up for elections and someone out of the blue accuses them for anything they should retire from the race? This can open a whole new can of worms.

    People making accusations must also respect the law and if you are wronged you need to take you issue through the correct channel. We are not dealing with a child here and the stakes are even higher since these people are political equals.

    As a politician if you make accustions within the political realm then you must expect it to be resolved through the political realm. Janine is an experienced politician and are familiar with them more than you as a civilian. What she has in effect doneis that she has not made a report to authorities but instead has asked the electorate to make that decision whether they think the accusation is true or not.

    They are responding now.


  5. From my understanding Janine claims that Ezekiel tried to kiss her... try to and actually kissing her are 2 different actions. If someone is leaning towards you and you narrowly escape the intended kiss can this still be classified as sexual assault?
    Can some please describe sexual assault? also sexual harassment and the difference between the 2

    Thank you


  6. The political scene is getting hot in St Lucia. Just last week Guy Mayers was asking the labour party to come clean on rape allegations and now you have a former UWP making allegations of rape against a top member of the UWP. What is going on with these politicians? They say you have to tread carefully when you partake in politics in the Caribbean especially in St Lucia.

    No one knows what really took place in that office when Janine went to see the minister. It will be a matter of He say, she say if this has to go further. Ezekiel can argue that he was trying to give her a friendly kiss, while Janine will say that the kiss was anything but friendly. I am not too sure who too believe. Why didn't she report the matter to the police immediately? Why wait for so long to make this public? Is she hoping to capitalise on this? This can easliy backfire and have serious consequences. People have to be careful how they throw stones. In the meantime no stones should be left unturned on this one. No woman or man deserves to be abused sexually. No One.

    We are talking about the daughter of the former Prime Minister here. She is not a commoner but someone from St Lucian High society. Something needs to be done so we the public will know the truth about these allegations. For too long women have been making false accusation against men in high society which in the end cannot be proven. No woman should be allowed to get away with making allegations which isn't true. I am not saying that what she said isn't true but it has to be looked into so the truth will be out. If he did it and it is found to be serious then he ought to be punished. In the meantime Ezekiel Joseph should vacate and allow someone else to contest the elections while he tries to clear his name. That is the best he should do right now. It's not looking good for the UWP. The leader should asked him to step down. Clear your name first before you can engage in politics Joseph.



    This is the most misunderstood sentence in history. It has been a bit of a bother to me for many years until the day I heard a US Attorney General explain it. She explained somewhat as follows:
    "This statement is meant for the Court. The Court has to assume your innocence when you come before it on charges.
    However the entire public is entitled to have an OPINION on whether you are innocent or guilty. So if someone is accused of rape, murder, theft etc then everyone is entitled to have their opinion".

    But not all opinions are the same, so they cannot all be right. Both the accuser and the accused have rights and until all the facts are publicly known then opinions will remain just opinions!!
    Members of the Public must however be careful how they express opinions publicly!!! An opinion is not a fact but it can coincide.

    In this case whether true, false or exaggerated everyone is worse off. And only the Courts can justifiably conclude what's the verdict!!


  8. Janine maybe speaking the truth and if so she should go ahead and press charges if the law allows.

    But it is expected of lucians apprehension of her message. For me it's not because of the timing because I know of victims who hid rape or sexual assult a secret for years out of fear of judgement mainly when they had a personal past with the person.

    I am only apprehensive because of her place of saying so. It was almost like saving it for blackmail. It doesn't seem that she's lookin for justice either. Her motives just appears to be her wanting to destroy his political career and beef up hers. Whatever the situation is I don't think it was black and white like people think.


  9. I can't say I don't believe her because I too was sexually assaulted by my stepfather and I am yet to tell anyone. I am now 35 and this happened when I was about 12 yrs old. Please don't claim that she is telling a lie because you NEVER know. Her timing may be questionable but I don't think that masses should defend Mr. Ezechiel Joseph. He is man enough, let him do that himself.


    • I am very sorry this happened to you. I hope you carry no shame or blame for it because you were and are the innocent party. Shame on him! Massive shame!


      • So sorry that this happened to you my dear. I have heard so many of these stories about fathers, stepfathers, uncles and so on, in St. Lucia and many of the other Caribbean Islands. I pray that God heals and you can find it in your heart to forgive him for his sins against you, only because it will set you free. I pray too that he has changed his ways and one day be man enough to ask for forgiveness. God bless you love.


  10. REALLY!!!!!!!! is she serious ? honestly i expected something to come up but that this one . She had all this time to come forward and why now , i dont believe this nonsense and i will never believe this happened . SPEAKING MY MIND


    • you only understand , when you have been a victim. time has absolutely nothing to do with it. i believe her.


      • Your point is quite understandable..but the forum is quite questionable, on a political platform 7 days before elections. This leaves plenty of questions as to motive, also why has she decided to come out and not press charges or make an official report of the assault?


  11. I can't believe us as women are behaving this way. Education or standing in society doesn't change the fact that she was a victim. Victims can be embarrassed and scared and to make it worse you have to deal with ignorant st lucian's in the public eye. So I don't blame Jeannine for not saying anything before.


    • The time Is not the issue. My perspective is that if she felt fearful or embarrassed, a political platform was not the right forum to address her ordeal. And that is why I am suspicious of her motives.