Eye on the storm


Tuesday, August 07, 2012 – Saint Lucia`s Met Services is closely monitoring the progress of two weather systems in the Atlantic Ocean.  At present there is one area of concern.

Director of Met Services Thomas Auguste says all monitoring systems have been engaged and information on any development of this system will be disseminated to the public once the system posses any serious threat.

“We have an area of interest associated with a Tropical Wave which we are monitoring, it is still a long distance away and it has very slight potential for development before it gets to the island, so we are keeping an eye on it but it is still at least five days away.   We will keep the public informed as right now we are just monitoring the system and if it becomes necessary that we put out more information we will do that”.

Meantime, as has been the norm in recent years, many Saint Lucians were caught panic-buying in anticipation of Tropical Storm Earnesto last week.

The Director of Met Services says citizens should have been prepared for the hurricane season by now.

“We are now into the peak of the hurricane season because the peak months are August and September so any preparations should have been completed by now.  This is not a time to prepare although if a system is threatening us there are certain things citizens would need to do or buy but right now people should be prepared and have a plan in order as this is not the time to do any last minute preparations”,

Over the past two days, Saint Lucia has been affected by inclement weather due to the abundance of moisture over the region.

Experts have forecast the 2012 Atlantic Hurricane Season to be above normal.


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