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Extraordinary legacy ends with retirement of long-serving ECCB Governor

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463c74b9-4321-47a0-b320-d8de42f905e5PRESS RELEASE – An era has ended at the Eastern Caribbean Central bank (ECCB), with the retirement of long-serving Governor, Sir Kenneth Dwight Vincent Venner, in December 2015.

Sir Dwight, a 2012 recipient of the Saint Lucia Cross, had served the St. Kitts and Nevis based institution in that capacity since 1989. Prior to his service at ECCB, Sir Dwight was Director of Finance and Planning in the Government of Saint Lucia from 1981 to 1989.

Prime Minister and Minister of Finance, Economic Affairs, Planning and Social Security, Hon. Dr. Kenny D. Anthony has praised Sir Dwight’s stewardship of the ECCB, noting the “deep concern and anxiety” the veteran administrator always had for ordinary citizens.

Said Dr. Anthony in a letter to Sir Dwight,

“On behalf of the Government and people of Saint Lucia and on my personal behalf, I thank you for the years of selfless and dedicated service that you have given to the Central Bank and the people of our region. There can be no question that you have departed from the bank leaving behind an extraordinary legacy. Few, if any, could match your passion and commitment to our region. You gave us not just administrative leadership but also intellectual leadership. I have always been impressed by your fierce protection of the integrity and independence of the bank. You led with vision and integrity.

“You can, I believe, take justifiable pride and satisfaction in the fact that you helped this region to navigate through one of the most intractable financial crises ever to sweep our region. Your stern but focused leadership was an asset to all of us who have been entrusted with the leadership of our region. Your understanding of our environment and our unique circumstances, helped us to manage as well as we did, the turbulent economic conditions that we faced.”

Dr. Anthony added,

“It is true that we may not have always agreed on monetary and fiscal policy but there is no occasion that I have found myself doubting the sincerity of the advice that you offered. I will always remember the deep concern and anxiety that you had for the welfare of the ordinary citizens of our region.”

The Prime Minister concluded by wishing Sir Dwight well in his retirement. Dr. Anthony sits with the other Ministers of Finance of ECCB member governments on the Monetary Council, the bank’s highest decision making authority, most recently having assumed the chair in 2013.

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  1. Thanks Bro for your great service!

  2. Thank God Almighty for the creation and existence of the ECCB. It has effectively blocked prime ministerial idiots especially from our country from creating a bigger hell hole for all of us, that is Saint Lucia today.

    If there is no change in the implied and overt regulatory powers of the ECCB, we will survive a lot of the misery that party political and economic ignorance of the mere title holders has been increasingly creating for all of us in the region. CSME poverty with CLICO and international disrepute with CIP.

    We the people are paying for our ignorance of electing and re-electing ignoramuses who only know how to patch roads, and do clean-up in the areas. Elect them and they impoverish us with CSME, and make us second class citizens bringing in the the well-dressed riffraff to lord it over us and pay their way into controlling our domestic affairs. That is the role of our political traitors we can politicians,

    Our economic outlook is quite dim and moreso, because we do not have the depth of talent, knowledge, skills and abilities in the existing and forthcoming political candidates being presented by the two main political candidates. Worse still: the populations at large refuse to educate themselves to bring the necessary awareness and discipline required to make a distinct break with our dysfunctional political past. I will not hold my breath. Where ignorance is bliss, the calypso says, it is folly to be wise.

  3. “It is true that we may not have always agreed on monetary and fiscal policy but there is no occasion that I have found myself doubting the sincerity of the advice that you offered. I will always remember the deep concern and anxiety that you had for the welfare of the ordinary citizens of our region.”

    Extracted from the letter from Dr. Kennry Anthony to Sir Dwight Venner. This exposes the hypocrisy and nastiness of our Prime Minister Dr. Kenny Anthony. Not agreeing on monetary and fiscal policy with the biggest expert in the OECS and agreeing that you NEVER doubt the sincerity of the advice? Was that letter made public by the PMs office? I doubt.

    • Born and bred national No paid-up CIP.

      Dr. Anthony cannot even be considered EXPERT IN HIS OWN FIELD OF LAW! The corpses of his failures are strewn all over the Caribbean. They spread from the Bahamas in the north, to Guyana in the south with the destruction of the savings of the small man in those countries.

      The propensity to save is very low everywhere in the region. But what is even more damaging is that the little that the poor were saving with their insurance policies, the designers of the CSME thoughtless left them exposed to the mercies of mercenaries. They did not insert any type of consumer or customer protection in --- Wait for it! --- a market?

      Then domestically, the casualties are the unthinking Saint Lucian electorate, especially even the SLP's own kool aid punch-drunk followers. All the very large financial outlays the finance minister labelled investments were gigantic flops! Real flops!

      Frenwell's con-men must have laughed at this impracical academic, all the way to the bank with some $45 million. National debt had to be taken to cover that.

      Debt has to cover the loss of $86 million for the value of the loss of the equally ludicrous signing away of our patrimony with Black Bay lands. This list goes on.

      Some say that these foolish costly mistakes were like stealing candy from a baby. Law degrees did not equip our Castro copycat from mortgaging the future of Saint Lucians for another $150 million in the seemingly very illegal act of signing away secretly, rights to our seabed in the north. Imagine that all those UWI law degrees were useless and valueless in those exercises.

      One has to wonder whether maybe he just cut his nose to spite his face regarding interpersonal relations, Dr. V was an advisor to PM Compton.

  4. an extraordinary man!


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