Extradition hearing for Cayman man wanted in US set for April 30

Extradition hearing for Cayman man wanted in US set for April 30

(CMC) – Iaian Nigel MacKellar, a resident of the Cayman Islands who is wanted in the United States for alleged fraud, will have his extradition hearing on April 30.

MacKellar has been in custody since December 15, when he was arrested at his home .

In court earlier this week, his attorneys argued that he should be offered bail until his extradition hearing.

Last month, his attorneys told the court that MacKellar had “severe and immediate” health concerns that could not be addressed while in prison.

However, the magistrate then said she needed more information before she could decide.

In court this week, both sides provided more information.

In response, Director of Public Prosecutions (DPP), Cheryll Richards asserted that if MacKellar returned to his home, which she described as being in an isolated area, he would not have the round-the-clock monitoring he had in prison.

She repeated her concern that MacKellar, 60, was a flight risk.

In December MacKellar, a UK citizen, and a permanent resident in Cayman since 2007, was been named with three other people on an indictment issued in Texas that alleges fraud involving a veterinary product for fleas.

One of the charges relates to “reboxed pet products not manufactured and approved for sale in the United States.”


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