External affairs minister calls for speedy resolution of Venezuela crisis to avoid civil war

External affairs minister calls for speedy resolution of Venezuela crisis to avoid civil war
Minister Flood-Beaubrun (file photo)

(GIS) — The ongoing crisis in Venezuela continues to be of concern for the government of Saint Lucia.

According to the Minister with responsibility for External Affairs, Hon. Sarah Flood-Beaubrun, the government remains steadfast in its position that the people of Venezuela should have a say their democracy.

“We believe that the people of Venezuela should be the ones to decide their way forward,” she said. “In order to bring peace, calm, and stability, the people should have an opportunity to participate in free and fair elections. I think all countries should use all of their diplomatic skills to impress upon the existing government the importance of democracy.”

The minister said peace and calm should be returned to the people of Venezuela, and conveyed that the Saint Lucia government is also concerned about the security issues that have been brought to the forefront in the face of the Venezuelan crisis.

“There is mass migration. and many other issues that are undesirable come with mass migration,” she continued. “This situation is of critical importance to us because of our proximity to Venezuela and also due to the longstanding historical friendship we’ve had with Venezuela.”

The minister said the situation should be addressed speedily, in order to avoid a possible civil war.


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  1. Lol the war is comming. Shes just trying to make her stance publicly known before hand so that when it happens she can say " i told you so". This war will affect us all.


  2. why to look on a problem only with one eye?
    economic hardship on Cuba and Venezuela did not come by itself, it is politically motivated from USA.


  3. That same pained look, again, and eyes that are disconnected from the words being uttered!
    (The dummy is under the control of a third-rate ventriloquist!)

    Here's a riddle for you folks:
    What is the difference between why the US president is being protected by personal bodyguards, and any other president around the globe?


    The US president's bodyguards are there to protect him from American assassins...
    while presidents around the globe are protecting their presidents from American (or American-paid) assassins!


  4. This "lady" better shut her trap! Your Masters in the LIMA group do want a speedy resolution . . . The overthrow of the rightful government and place in a puppet of the US.


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