Extended operating hours for the Gros Islet Poly-Clinic

Extended operating hours for the Gros Islet Poly-Clinic

The Gros-Islet Polyclinic is extending its operating hours from January 7, 2013.

Operating hours will be from Mondays to Fridays, 8 a.m. to 12 midnight.

This extension will facilitate a wide range of services to the general public. A formal inauguration ceremony on clinic grounds initiated this venture.

Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Health Cointha Thomas says the facility will be efficiently staffed. The extension, she says, is aimed at a patient centred and driven approach of international repute.

“It means that in order to be successful and to be on par with the rest of the world our system needs to be reconfigured, to be patient focused, patient driven. Special attention will need to be given to the sources of most patient’s complaints. This is what we are aiming to do with this extension of hours of operation.”

Additionally the extended hours will facilitate greater access to a variety of health services which will aid in the improvement of the health of Gros-Islet residents and environs.

Acting Administrator at the Gros-Islet Polyclinic,  Marcia Dupre, states the clinic offers services commensurate with those of primary health facilities within Saint Lucia.

“It is not a hospital, however, the services offered hear are commensurate with what is offered at most of our hospitals on  the island and include: maternal and child health services, sexual and reproductive health services, screening and management of chronic and non- chronic communicable diseases, dental, pharmacy, x-ray, laboratory, dermatology, gynaecology and obstetrics services.”

According to the Parliamentary Representative, Emma Hippolyte, 25 new staff personnel  will be added to the poly-clinic at a sum of $1.5 million.


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