Explosion at Anse La Raye Fisheries Complex

Explosion at Anse La Raye Fisheries Complex


An investigation has been launched following an explosion at the Anse La Raye Fisheries Complex.

The incident is reported to have occurred around 5.a.m. today (Sunday).

Reports are that  the roof and the doors of the complex were damaged during the explosion.

However, when firefighters turned up at the scene, there was no trace of fire.

No injuries were reported during this incident.


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  1. Someone was making a bomb in da fisheries at 5 am dat caused an explosion...blew da roof and doors...da first bomb of many made which actually exploded...


  2. what is happening down there people check your selves
    the police can not always see or know what is happening
    your help is needed they need your eyes and ears
    it is your village your home

    I smell a big rat
    I pray that God steps in right now I pray that angels fight for this village
    people please PRAY don't stop


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