Expect more with C&W and Flow merger

By Cable and Wireless

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PRESS RELEASE – Recently, it was announced that Cable and Wireless (CWC) and Columbus Communications will be merging into one entity, pending governing bodies and regulators’ approval.

Despite the pro-competitive nature of this deal, as well as the array of opportunities it creates for innovation, employment and infrastructural development, there has been some suggestions that this new hybrid telecommunications company endangers the current state of progress; that it will lead to a less dynamic market and that consumers will be adversely affected in the forms of high prices and poor service.

However, while uncertainty is natural (we are, after all, still in the infancy stage of our market’s liberalization), sensationalists have dramatized misinformation that warns of threats where, in actuality, exist opportunities.

These opportunities are not, however, intended to merely benefit the two companies; this is a merger, not an acquisition with the aim of creating the best of breed.

Through the resultant accelerated growth strategy for delivering broadband, mobile, fixed and premium TV content, this merger presents our region with the best chance to create a 21st century telecom operator to bring our region on par with the likes of Europe and North America.

Moreover, with a faster, better delivery of mobile, fixed, broadband and TV services and quad play, the merger is a better value for the consumer and the country.

Perhaps the largest concern has been the worry surrounding competition. In truth, however, CWC and Columbus will finally be better equipped to compete with the larger competitor – the region’s dominant player, whose size affords it a lower cost base and thus positively sways its economies of scale.

The increased value of CWC and Columbus’ product and services offerings – which are now higher than the larger competitor – will force the giant to adopt a more competitive attitude. The result: a more balanced and energized market; the “gold rush” of the digital age.

This stimulated development, in turn, supports the governments’ and region’s information and communication technology (ICT) agenda to improve connectivity, deliver e-government initiatives, and work more efficiently towards the ever-present goals of regional broadband access and ubiquity.

These infrastructural improvements can help create the envisaged Silicon Islands, along with its associated jobs and societal benefits; indeed, an IDB Study shows, in the Caribbean, a 10% increase in broadband penetration creates 67,016 jobs an increase of 3.19% of GDP and a 2.61% productivity increase. Let us also not forget that strong employers, not weak ones, best serve their people.

Together, CWC and Columbus will bring skills, knowledge and best practices to the region. By consolidating its strengths and learning from each other’s weaknesses, the new company will enhance the current state of broadband and mobile technologies in our region and continue to invest heavily in the welfare of the communities it serves.  Most importantly, the company will always listen and act to dispel any fears its customers and stakeholders may have.


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  1. I'm glad my people you all realize the joke in this "supposed merger statement" We hold the cards on table in order words C&W and Flow can make all the changes they like, but its up to us to agree or disagree, our ancestors fought for our FREEDOM so practice your democratic right! However i need u guys to remember no one can make us feel inferior without our permission!

  2. FLIME (Flow & LIME)

    Just gave me an example of what I can expect.
    Come 1Jaun 2015 I must pay $6.18 if I want a paper bill.

    Yerp --- more of the same from FLIME.

  3. This statement cites certain statistics by IDB. Note that increases in broadband penetration is based on a percentage of GDP. What has been the GDP figures in the Caribbean in recent times? What are the real figures for broadband increases for the Caribbean for the last few years? According to ICU (International Communications Union)these percentages has been on the decrease specifically in St. Lucia for the last 3 years. Check their website. Don't feed us crap, you can only fool the uninformed.

  4. this article must be written by a representative of C&W or flow

  5. Cable and Wireless really thijk they fooling soneone ee. Afyer sll these years of extortion we finally broke free! Only to be returned to their Monopoly strong hold. SMDH Merger my foot. No competitor for Fixed Line. N only competition for Cable n Internet is Spectra then St Lucia we are in deep trouble. Back to the 90s in 2014

  6. "Despite the pro-competitive nature of this deal..."

  7. Expect more? Yes we expect to pay more for the same services since there is no competition.

  8. Call it acquisition or merger the two companies will become one. It is a monopoly until another player comes in.
    The gov'ts of the region must block this merger or ensure that an appropriate regulatory framework is in place to protect consumers.
    The writer of this article must realise that people are not stupid. These companies are behaving worst than corrupt politicians.

  9. people pls. this is just a promo for Lime. Don't be fooled.

  10. Is RED the larger competitor? Please clarify. Is this speech meant to try and soften us and what we think might ultimately happen? Was it prepared by an insider, speaking on the company's behalf?

  11. Listen morons most of us are old enough to remember how you folks exploited us with your monopoly. You must be think we are a bunch of idiots to see shit eh go repeat itself. Typical exploit the neg when it suits them. Look at the banks. Scotia and FCIB starting to bail after riding us like donkeys. One day black people will realise the truth.

  12. Blah, Blah,Blah, Blah........ Stop insulting our intelligence CWC & Flow..

  13. That just a front people better brace themselves for slow INTERNET and
    lapo cable DAT overpriced

  14. We should boycott cable n wireless. These people used, took advantage of st.Lucian for 40 years or something so. I personally don't do any business with lime. I was with flow but I guess I'll be calling them to come and disconnect me soon.

  15. Less competition is not good for us.

  16. Who will they be competing against ...themselves??...I am lost....theses guys are going to raise prices on everything and give the governments a cut in the profit just so that they can stay...

  17. This news item states "in truth, however, CWC and Columbus will finally be better equipped to compete with the larger competitor..." My question is, who is the "larger competitor" that you talk about?

    People, will there be a larger competitor when or if this merger takes place?

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