VIDEO: Exotic Saint Lucian recipe featured on popular US television network

VIDEO: Exotic Saint Lucian recipe featured on popular US television network

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – Saint Lucia’s culinary attraction has been showcased on primetime television in the United States.

NBC6, Miami’s “In the Mix” program featured Saint Lucian-born Chef, Shorne Benjamin, joining host, Johanna Gomez live to prepare one of the island’s signature dishes – green fig salad.

Gomez was invited to assist in preparing the exotic, yet simple dish, with cooked green bananas, mixed vegetables and avocadoes, accented with stewed salt fish, peppers and onions, all mixed together to create the dish.

Chef Benjamin also served up a creative golden brown mango bread that was all the rave.

Commenting on Chef Benjamin’s culinary dexterity, Gomez said, “That’s something that people can experience when they go to Saint Lucia, something that’s different from our regular mac and cheese.”

Speaking about the exposure for Saint Lucia on primetime US television, Director of Marketing – USA, Kelly Fontenelle stated, “This was a great opportunity to showcase Saint Lucia’s culinary excellence. Since Food & Rum there has been a lot of interest in Saint Lucia’s Culinary offering and that was great way to introduce it to the South Florida audience. As we continue to market the diversity of the island, specials like these provide potential visitors a unique insight in the beauty that is Saint Lucia.”

Saint Lucia is quickly growing in renown for its cuisine and culinary charm the world over.

Just last month, the island’s culinary team copped nine awards at the Caribbean Hotel & Tourism Association’s (CHTA) Taste of The Caribbean Culinary Competition in Miami, Florida, including Gold for Best Vodka Cocktail. The eight Saint Lucian chefs competed against chefs from fifteen other countries.

The Saint Lucia Tourism Authority (SLTA) is working assiduously to fulfill its mandate to promote the sustainable growth and development of the island’s tourism industry.

Saint Lucia has been prominently featured on NBC Miami taking over their website last February with the annual Ultimate Honeymoon promotion.


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  1. Honestly, after watching the clip i dont think people will be drawn to travel to st.lucia hopefully it was not to expensive for that promotion


  2. Saw it. Where the hell did he get the accent from? Nothing is more exotic than an accent. Foreigners are drawn to it. Nothing they hate more than an island person trying to sound like them.


  3. what is this ?dude every body know that you dont stew salt fish to put in green fig salad that giving the thing a old taste and by the end of the day it isnt good. people does stew salt fish to do green fig salad.
    mwe mem tan


    • Bring a twist to things that you do. Create that is what we ought to encourage. Perhaps you have never created your own recipe based on traditional.
      Come on support creativity.


      • sighhhh.

        i am not saying i am not supporting creativity what i am saying in my comment if you going to awe the crowd with a true st. Lucian dish do it properly do it they way it was supposed to be made so that these people can taste the true authenticity of what is st lucian.

        imagine you giving someone to eat bread fruit and salt fish but instead you bake or fry the bread fruit, nothing wrong in giving it a twist but baking or frying it isnt how it is originally served on a true st Lucian table so this has no st Lucian authenticity apart from the dish being served it self.


  4. The marketing promotion being conducted by SLHTA is non-effective and it's those strategic promotions that we should be focusing on instead. Over spending on Ads is no longer effective, the people want to see what are we known for; our food, music, dance, way of life. Showcasing the Pitons only is becoming a bore.

    Let's do a better job!


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