Exhibition with “The Ambassador Artist” Ambassador Dr. Edmunds of St Lucia

Exhibition with “The Ambassador Artist” Ambassador Dr. Edmunds of St Lucia

13416257115_c291235468PRESS RELEASE – Pepco Edison Place Gallery and Art Impact USA, Inc. are co-hosting the opening reception for first annual Art Impact International 2016 Art Exhibition.  

Special guest artist, Ambassador Dr. Joseph E. Edmunds, OBE of St. Lucia is among an eclectic group of high caliber artists from Brazil, China, Greece, Italy, Mexico, Nigeria, Togo, Trinidad & Tobago, and the USA.  Sixty-five works of art from ten countries will be on view through January 28, 2016. 

During the opening reception the talented cellist, Benjamin Gates will give a live performance.  The Ambassador, a brilliant poet and painter will read a few of his poems.

Ambassador Edmunds is the former Ambassador of St Lucia to the UN, OAS, and US.   It is written about him that, “His poetry and works of art are silent reflections, unique in their transformation and embellishment of things of nature to new forms, shapes, and meaning.  The use of ice, mulch, aluminum foil and the capturing of abandoned driftwood giving it new life are all manifested in his poetry and art with a detectable scientific fervor and profound preoccupation with humanity and nature.” 

The exhibiting artists include: Ambassador Edmunds, Bethel Aniaku, Larry “Poncho” Brown, Andrea Clement, Alexis Goodridge, Tarver Harris, Festus Izevbigie, Hubert Jackson, Daniel Kathalynas, Vicki Marckel, Pasquale Monaco, Ernani Silva, Nia Tavlarides Stratos, Gloria Valdes “Tarasca”, Khalid Thompson, and Sally Tsou.

Artist statement by Ambassador Edmundsis as follows:

“Art is the expression of the inner self.  It is the human interpretation of the Creator’s mastery.  It is he translation of the subliminal into earthly transformations.  Art is one of the few freedoms left to man.  In that freedom, man’s creativity transcends the reality of time, space, and place.  

Art forms and expressions are omnipresent in nature, awaiting discovery and embellishment.  Nature provides us with multiple forms and media awaiting our translation and transformation from  what is, into new resurrections for the joyous good of humanity.”

Art Impact International 2016 is sponsored in part by Pepco Holdings, Inc., The DRUM Foundation, Washington Area Lawyers for the Arts and the Law Firm Vendors Association.  Art Impact USA is a nonprofit organization dedicated to nurturing humanity’s spirit through art.  The artists’ opening reception is free and open to the public.  For more information visit www.artimpactusa.com/international.


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