Exhibition on strokes October 29

Exhibition on strokes October 29

The Stroke Busters Association, SLU will host an exhibition on strokes at the City Hall on October 29, World Stroke Day.

Answers to questions about the causes of strokes, signs and symptoms, and who is at risk, will be available at the exhibition.

The Stroke Busters are a small group of dedicated individuals who are concerned about the high rate of strokes in St. Lucia. Strokes rank as the second leading cause of death in the island.

“Our support group has been formed primarily to provide accurate information on strokes, stroke recovery and rehabilitation, and prevention of recurrent strokes,” the association said in a news release issued by Lena St. Omer, nurse coordinator for the association.

“Our goals are to offer a venue for survivors and caregivers to meet others with similar challenges, and to provide positive support to them; to encourage the discouraged who want to give up on rehabilitation exercises and life as a whole; to provide caregivers and family members a means of sharing their fears and concerns in a non-judgmental forum, and to provide them with coping strategies; and to provide peer support in hospitals and at home, as time goes on and membership increases.”

“We also need to ‘bust’ the myths that once the brain cells become damaged, there is no hope of recovery for the brain; that hardening of the arteries, (artherosclerosis) is a disease of old age only; and that there is no current treatment for strokes.”


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  1. very good vibes, love it, but castries is not st lucia, and to me i never hear ministry of health say nun about world stroke day. the NGO's doing much better work than the government department.


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