EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ecstasy’ may not return to St. Lucia, claims to be pregnant and in witness protection programme

EXCLUSIVE: ‘Ecstasy’ may not return to St. Lucia, claims to be pregnant and in witness protection programme
'Ecstasy' (right) and her late boyfriend Jamie Innocent whose body was found in Pigeon Point on April 9, 2014. Ecstasy says this photo was taken the same day he want missing.
‘Ecstasy’ (right) and her late boyfriend Jamie Innocent whose body was found in Pigeon Point on April 9, 2014. Ecstasy says this photo was taken the same day he went missing.

Ella Prosper aka Ecstasy, a popular St. Lucian prostitute and the girlfriend of recent homicide victim Jamie Innocent, claims she is currently off island under police witness protection programme after receiving death threats from the alleged killers of her boyfriend.

Prosper did not disclose her location.

St. Lucia News Online contacted Prosper by telephone today, April 17 after receiving numerous reports that died.

She told SNO in an exclusive interview that many people thought, after not seeing her for days, that it was her body that was discovered on a Marisule beach in Gros Islet on Tuesday, April 15. The body in question is that of a young male but police have still not identified the remains.

“Somebody just called me and say they hear I am dead,” she said, adding that she has received numerous calls and texts inquiring about her safety and alleged death.

Prosper said she only received a letter from the police, indicating to the authorities in the new country, to grant her entry and stay as a witness under protection pertaining to a homicide case. She said police will contact her if any court-related matter comes up.

However, she alleged that besides the letter, she received little help from the police authorities who believe she is hiding something. Prosper claimed she was the one who bought her plane ticket after selling her laptop – valued at $4,000 – for $1,200.

Prosper is also amused that everyone is only now concerned about her status after she was unable to get help from anyone for a place to sleep after her boyfriend was killed. She said she has been sleeping at different guest houses since her room was ransacked two days after her boyfriend’s death.

Innocent’s body was discovered with his head covered in a sack and his feet bound in bushes on a hill in Pigeon Point, Gros Islet on April 9, 2014. Post mortem results revealed he died as a result of hemorrhagic shock secondary to blunt force trauma.

Prosper said she is pregnant for Innocent but she plans to do an abortion soon.

She vowed not to return to St. Lucia unless her boyfriend’s killer/s has been caught.

“I am St. Lucia’s tourism worker but I fear for my life…. Why should I come back and they see my body in a morgue?” she said. “I would love to come back because I have so much memories of Jamie. “

She said Innocent “was my world”.

“I have his name tattooed on my belly,” she noted.

According to Prosper, “everyone” including the police know the persons responsible for murdering her boyfriend. She said she last saw Innocent alive on Monday, April 7 while spending time with him at the Rodney Bay Marina. His battered and swollen decomposing body was discovered on Wednesday, April 9 in Pigeon Point.

Prosper said she is hurting more because she hasn’t seen his body and she may not be able to attend his funeral.

She is also hurt that some people believe she set up her boyfriend and the police also believe she is hiding something.

“Jame was my world. I loved Jamie. Why would I set up my boyfriend? I have his name tattooed on my belly. Jamie completed me, my boy,” she said emotionally.

She said she met Jamie last year, and after going out on several dates, they made the relationship official on August 4, 2013.


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  1. I had sex.with Extasy several times in 2013 and that was so good. She was in.love with me she.said but actually she wanted. money. What.we.did in the bedroom. was so good anyway...


  2. first of all I dont blive that bullshit story, I blive jamie was one of her clients un they had no relationship secondly she aint no pregnant I bet she just looking for attention like she did the time the ebb man died on the bike claiming thats her man smh how many do u have anyway?


  3. I'm not for or against the abortion but what she supposed to take of it, sell herself with the baby next to her, what kind of live will it be exposed to... Some of you are too judgemental, insensitive and hypocrite! Not one of you who call them names(stripper/thief) is innocent or sin-free!


  4. I want to know why all of a sudden this woman has come forward to speak on this unfortunate matter? If Mr. Innocent had not been murdered would she have come forward? I highly doubt it. What the police need to do is find the monsters who did this, and hold them accountable for their actions. This "Tourism Worker" needs to be quiet, seeing is how she is in the witness protection. Further more why would the police be protecting her? Is there more to this story than her and the police are saying? I think there is. Let's not forget a life was taken & that should be the main focus at hand. RIP Jamie


  5. This woman needs to stop looking for attention from the young mans death. First of all if she loved the Guy so much like she is saying u would want to keep the only lil piece of him u have left not announce an abortion. This woman probably isn't even pregnant at all and just uses this abortion nonsense to cover up the fact that she isn't. She needs to stop looking for attention and let the boy rest in peace.


  6. No wonder so many people losing faith in the legal system. A murder is committed and they suspect this person knows more about the murder.
    So instead of questioning her, they allow her to give interviews, etc. Wow...
    I agree this " witness protection statement " seems highly unlikely. Because they would warned her to keep her identity and circumstances hidden until they need her.
    This woman sounds like she will soon "check in" on Facebook!
    A murder has happened and no matter who or what he was supposed to be justice needs to served. If not, St Lucia is heading for darker waters letting devils like that free to kill.


  7. The police should arrest your ass for this false statement. Witness protection*****.you calling people. You paid your own ticket. Even a fool or blind man know you lied. And I think you know more than you are saying about both murders.


  8. R.I.P my G let the will of god be done on to your killers.. will be missed foxx it up one love


  9. Pathetic, don't u think!
    Funny how u guys have all the worst thing to say about ESTACY. U may not be proud of her but she is proud of herself. So all this talk about her sleeping with guys for piece of chicken and money is so stale news.She did agree to an interview about her life, her struggles, her job as a tourism worker etc.so what's the big deal,ure saying that, shit!!!!
    To all those persons who believes she knows her boyfriend killer, what are urll waiting for? Give all the info u know to the police or better yet, get a job as a private investigator to get a killer off the streets. We all are at risk.


  10. Hi, witness protection program as far i know the people dont pay their tickets.Very,very strange.Anyway i know you are hurting and my condolences to you.I hope you can find some peace and grieve for your lover.