Excellers Cycling in La Clery this Sunday

Excellers Cycling in La Clery this Sunday
1st August ECC Classic race.
The first August ECC Classic race.

PRESS RELEASE – The 2014 Excellers Cycling Classic is set for this Sunday 5 october at La Clery.

Registration for the event will get underway half an hour before the scheduled start. The event start time is 1pm and the registration fee is $10 per person.

The race will include 11 categories for mountain bike / BMX and racers, men and women, and various grouping for juniors, open and Masters. In the mountain bike / BMX class, riders will complete two laps in the 10-and-under division, five laps in the 11-12, seven in the 13-14, eight in the 15-17, 10 in the 18-and-over, and five in the Masters (40-and-over).

Racers in the 15-17 division will ride 12 laps; in the 18-and-over, they will do 20 laps; and in the 50-and-over Masters, competitors will complete eight laps.

Female racers will do five laps and mountain bike / BMX riders will seek to finish two laps.

Prizes will be awarded after the race.


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