Excellent Stores St Lucia launches Gift Registry Service

Excellent Stores St Lucia launches Gift Registry Service

(PRESS RELEASE) — On Wednesday, June 25, Excellent Stores St Lucia officially launched its Gift Registry Service.

Lauded as an unrivaled experience, Excellent Stores Gift Registry offers the finest gift selection, allowing individuals to create and share with friends and family the perfect gift list for all of life’s special moments—from weddings and house warmings to baby showers and christenings to birthdays, graduation, anniversaries and retirement.

Known for making the shopping experience faster and less stressful, while giving individuals control over what they receive, setting up a Gift Registry with Excellent Stores is a simple four-step process and is absolutely free!

It begins with a visit to Excellent Stores at the Johnson’s Centre in Gros Islet. Then, with assistance from a friendly trained Excellent Stores Gift Registry Associate, individuals can create their gift registry choosing their “favourites” from the wide selection of items available at Excellent Stores.

The gift registry is then uploaded to www.myexcellentstores.com and a copy of the full gift list emailed to the registered individual so it can easily be shared with friends and family. Lastly, with the gift list live and circulated, family and friends now have the opportunity to share in the celebration by seamlessly purchasing from the gift wish list at Excellent Stores.

Beyond its easy, seamless process, what makes the Excellent Stores Gift Registry even more amazing is the fact that at the end of it all, registered individuals have the opportunity to purchase any remaining or unpurchased registry items from the wish list at a 10% discount within one-month of the event.

As Director of Marketing Mrs. Lisa Siu Chong stated “celebrating life’s moments should always be a wonderful experience; no one should ever have to worry of being stressed out about what gift to get, where or how do I get a gift or whether this gift is going to affordable. The Excellent Stores gift Registry service checks off all of the boxes and makes the process seamless and hassle free!”

Moreover, at the close of the registry, event planners will receive 5% of all purchases made; loaded onto an Excellent Stores Gift Card. Additionally, Excellent Stores Gift Registry offers easy exchanges, returns and a standard warranty on all applicable products. Excellent Stores St Lucia also looks forward to launching the Gift Registry full digital gift registry service with an integrated online purchase platform in the near future.

About Excellent Stores

Excellent Stores is the largest department store in Trinidad and Tobago with the widest variety of quality consumer products at great prices. With 6 locations In Trinidad, on their 60th anniversary in 2018 they took the business regionally and expanded to St. Lucia where they are located at Johnsons Centre No#2 Bella Rosa Road in Rodney Bay.


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  1. There is a market --- albeit small. However, there is a growth market, if online sales can be generated with a contract with one of the courier services. There's work to be done. Best wishes!


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