Excellent Stores announces 100% St. Lucian commitment

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(PRESS RELEASE) – Excellent Stores Limited, a leading department store in Trinidad and Tobago has expanded to St. Lucia and is pledging to be 100% St. Lucian.

The announcement was made during the store’s family fun day” and grand opening on Saturday at the Johnson’s Centre in Rodney Bay.

For over 60 years Excellent Stores Limited have been serving the people of Trinidad and Tobago with a chain of department stores. There, the company positioned itself as the number one go to store for the widest selection of consumer packaged products, affordable prices and excellent quality goods. Excellent Stores says it is committed to mirroring a similar customer loyalty environment here in St. Lucia.

Excellent Stores is a family operation. One family member is St. Lucian born Lisa Sui Chong, the company’s Director for Human Resource, Marketing & Ecommerce. She says that she is excited that Excellent Stores is finally open to serve the people of St. Lucia.

“ This is what we like to call a one stop shop, anything you need you can find it here for all demographics. Whether you are a student, a child, a retiree, a family or a couple; where ever you are in your life, you will find what you need here,” announced Chong.

Chong explains that this foreign investment will directly benefit the people of St. Lucia, in particular, the employment of 100% St. Lucian people to run Excellent Stores.

Excellent Stores also boast a gift registry service for couples, baby showers, weddings and retirement parties. The store hosts departments for gardening, homecare, babies, health and wellness and toys.

First time customers who were at the opening of Excellent Stores are impressed with the store’s layout, variety and prices.

“It has been a very good first impression coming in and already feeling Christmas; my wife is already challenging me with décor for this season,” expressed a Husband

“So far so good! The store has a love variety; the quality seems to be of a good standard. The staff thus far, has been very helpful and friendly, which is the environment customers look for,” continued his cheerful Wife.

“ The store is pretty impressive. It can be compared to a Target or Walmart, in that you can come in for one item and leave with ten. Everything you need is accessible under one roof, and I can’t complain about the prices,” explained a young mother.

“ When I walked in I was amazed! I felt like I had gone to another country. I am happy that I deiced to come see what Excellent Stores has to offer, especially in the children’s section. I was able to identify a few items for my children and the prices are very affordable. I think it is an excellent store like the sign says,” expressed a mother in her thirties.

“ The store is amazing, I wish I could buy everything!” chimed in a little girl.

Excellent Stores is the leading retailer and wholesaler of Christmas Trees and Christmas Decoration as well as the sole distributors for brands such as Samsonite, American Tourister, Nautica Luggage, Glad, Corelle, Corning Ware and Pyrex, Komax and Publications International. The store is located at the Johnson’s Center in Rodney Bay, opposite the Marina.

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  1. just another china store with lots of plastic

  2. Seventh-Day Adventists

    Please be notified that Excellent Stores are discriminating against you. They have refused to employ any Seventh-day Adventists.

  3. That's all good but with more customers purchasing the majority of things online especially from Amazon, is a department store of that size ideal for our small population?

  4. give me a f*&$k%N break about St. Lucian owned.


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