“Everything goes up but not our salaries” – Route 4B commuters respond to bus fare increases

By SNO Staff

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Bus drivers for Route 4B (Vieux Fort to Belle Vue) are likely breathing a sigh of relief. That’s because, before Dec. 4, 2017, these drivers had not received an official fare increase for at least nine years.

However, some commuters are not happy with the bus fare adjustments, announced yesterday, Dec. 5 by the Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation.

Some commuters have claimed via Facebook that the increases have come at a wrong time, because salaries remain the same. (Comments have not been edited)

Jack Paul said “everything goes up but not our salaries” – a similar sentiment expressed by Jenifer James, who wrote, “But ppl still work for Peanuts”.

Petra Toussaint commented: “I am not against the increase Mr Minister. My concern is why did you allow the increase when the salaries remain the same?????? This is a big joke. Yall can’t be serious about implimenting one and excluding the other.”

Popo Louis likewise said: “After we don’t hve ching ching in our pockets a hike in bus fare? Awa awa awa.”

Some like Sweetneva Saltii has vowed to walk some distances instead of paying: “I will walk from coconut bay to the airport before I pay 1.75.”

Others like Minel Mitchel simply hopes that with the increase comes “good service”.

However, Shernel Justin said people will complain about the fare increases but will do nothing – as usual: “Oh please… Y’all not gonna do anything about it. St. Lucians are great complainers, then insult and fight down those who actually want to make a difference….”

One foreigner observed that the St. Lucia fares are comparatively cheaper. Reah Baptiste said: “I wish this was my country. The cheapest adult fare is $2.50. Sighs*.”

Some commuters have alleged that the bus drivers were overcharging them for a particular route, prior to the official adjustments:

Clovis N. Malison Avaitay I dont c no five dollars on the list der yet! So why didn’t they say off route I clearly see HIA there. By the airport gap not close to HIA

Sherryn Knowles Never paid $5.00 cause i knew it was wrong!

Delma A Baptiste Sherryn Knowles Dionne N A Octave look at this!! Yet still today a Pierrot bus driver tells me that airport is still off route, and that the fee to airport gap has increased. …..god alone knows!!

Dionne N A Octave I don’t know but I think these drivers need to give us a refund or back pay for the mizzy times they illegally changed us $5.00

Sharma Sadoo I will walk instead eh. Let them be rude and out of place. If the fares are unfair to them they should be complaining to transport board not taking it out on the passengers claiming to go off route. Bcuz I will go to town, board leo and come to the airport and I will still not pay $5

The authorities have warned against overcharging.

In a press release yesterday, the Department of Economic Development, Transport and Civil Aviation “reminds public Omni-bus owners and drivers that, a driver of an Omni-bus shall not charge or demand more than the fares chargeable”.

“The Department reminds also that the fares, in relation to the route which the public Omni-bus has been authorised to ply, should be clearly displayed inside the Omni-bus.”

The new fares on the Route 4B route take effect from Dec. 4, 2017.

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  1. Sharon Terrell.....u want to take on people for Allen Chastenet? Don't try that u know.
    No wonder u and him fit d same "daft" bracket.
    Why u doh tell him to stop the lies and tell us the truth about what's happening.
    U asshole!

  2. My pocket tear

  3. Talk about overcharging what is the official fee from Dennery to VF? A lot of VF drivers charge people from Dennery $5.00 when the official fee is 4.75. I see it in the buses where the prices are up.This has been going on for years. Sometimes you feel pressured becuase the drivers tell straight up the fare is $5.00 when you can clearly see it says 4.75. The problem is because it clearly says from Dennery to VF is 4.75 but VF to Dennery is 5.00. Because there is no Dennery-VF buses passengers feel they are doing us a favor; no they are not.They are overcharging us by 25 cents every time. How about paying them 25 cents short for a trip? You will see how they will get on. When will this illegality stop?Anyone with half a brain can verify what Im saying.

  4. It is just a matter of time before the other routes request an increase as well....then what? Do you tell them No! ..or Grant and increase island wide?....Some buses are still in a deplorable condition ...uncomfortable seats ..no AC when it rains...soil and stains seats...uncovered seats rip stalkings and other article of clothes, as well as making skin itch, metals and irons sticking out, seats that don't close, windows that don't open, seat that have a bench under it holding it up ..bus drivers need to have their buses up to standard before demanding bus fare increases.

  5. The drivers from castries charges off route to the airport .so what's wrong when the vieux fort bus drivers do it?

  6. Allen chastenet has lied to the people of this island. I have only been away for 6mths and have seen 100% increase in items at the supermarkets...when one would think that the decrease of 2.5% in the VAT was great and awesome it has now been increased in the price of local commodities..sickening!! Chastenet will bring st lucia to the dirtt!!

  7. Smh...so the passengers saw nothing wrong with paying those previous bus fares while the drivers operated at a loss? I am a passenger, even if not on that route and I saw it as a loss for the drivers. Smh...the most expensive fare on there is $3.00 and compared to the terrain and distance that the buses travel to get to those areas and what I pay for where I live, I find these passengers getting it good. Smh...humans again

  8. Is not as Allan Chastanet come in power you'll don't have ching ching.You'll did not have for 15 years under the Kenny Anthony Regime.So you'll want to not pay more.I hope with this price hike that people get good service you'll offering,the passengers,qho teavwl these buses you'll bread butter.You'll need better public transportation system before you'll can start raises prices on customers.Because the customers never wrong,its about customer service.Because people cannot pay for bad service they might as well walk,or sray home.Fix youll transit system before you'll raise fares or make change's. .This will never stick with the peopleI dont know

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