“Every sector is under threat” – Opposition Leader Pierre

“Every sector is under threat” – Opposition Leader Pierre


Good Morning, Let me first of all thank the many organizations and citizens who have expressed solidarity and support for the Saint Lucia Labour Party’s planned protest march and rally to be held on Sunday 9th September, 2018, the anniversary of the ill-fated fire at the St. Jude Hospital.

The issues of inadequate health care, reckless fiscal mismanagement increasing debt and general poor governance of the country now transcend party affiliation. All Saint Lucians who care about their country and the future of their children should come together to register a strong protest on Sunday 9th September of their disapproval of the direction the Prime Minister and his government is taking Saint Lucia.

The narrow-interest policy decisions of this government will have very long term detrimental consequences for the economic social and cultural well-being of our country. We must signal our disapproval in an overwhelming way to bring these hurtful policies to an end. The protest is the people’s chance to say no to the policies that are designed to favor a small interest group at the expense of the majority of Saint Lucians. Saint Lucia belongs to all of us not a handful of individuals, who clearly have no interest in our well-being and are prepared to deny us of what is rightfully ours.

I am calling on all Saint Lucians regardless of political affiliation, class, creed or religion to join the movement for change from this uncaring, callous and vindictive government. This is not about politics, it’s about our country’s future. We cannot continue on this path of recklessness. Every sector is under threat, teachers, nurses, doctors, police, farmers, fishermen, business people, the media – we need to take a stand and begin this national movement for change.

Health care is not an SLP or UWP issue. It is a NATIONAL issue.

I invite all Saint Lucians to come join the march to demand proper health services in our country. Get the Prime Minister and his administration to listen to your concerns.

– Complete St Jude Hospital.

– Give us a full and honest account of the arrangements you are seeking to make with Health City.

– How many entities did you invite to submit proposals for operating the OKEU facility?

– Did the government speak to our friends in Europe, Martinique or Cuba?

– How were they invited?

– What are your plans for the existing staff at VH?

– How will such plans affect their jobs and ability to secure mortgages?

This is about your future and that of your children and grandchildren. All are invited to the protest march and rally on September 9th starting on the Vigie Playing field.


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  1. Its amazing how the slp wants to destablize the country. You think people are foolish to listen to your all. Wait when until the have completed thier term and we St. lucians will make the decision to elect whoever we want. Go hide your face Pierre. you all are not fooling anyone. I have a full time job you think i will risk that to destablize the country now. You will come pay my mortgage for me.


    • Is that fella living in his own house or in his girlfriend's house? Some people may have no idea whatsoever of responsibility for things that matter to most of us. That is why they can get on so.


  2. LOL

    The parties love putting out these kinds of messages regardless of the fact that they had as much of a hand in the process as the present Government regardless of which party you look at. Same bullyshit as always!


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