EU disburses second education tranche of EC$14,3M to Anguilla

EU disburses second education tranche of EC$14,3M to Anguilla

(PRESS RELEASE) – The European Union disbursed the second grant assistance tranche of EC$14.3 million (€4.55M) to Anguilla for education reform and training under the 11th European Development Fund (EDF) Programme.

The assistance is inclusive of an emergency top-up payment of EC$8.8 million (€2.8M) additional support to help with recovery following damage from hurricane Irma in September 2017.

EU Head of Delegation, Ambassador Daniela Tramacere, commended the Anguillan authorities on progress in the implementation of its Education Policy and reassured the Government that the EU recognises the challenges resulting from the damage inflicted by hurricane Irma and the significant implications for implementation of the Policy. For this reason the EU decided to mobilise additional funds for Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs) in the Caribbean that were affected by hurricanes last year.

Ambassador Tramacere said: “The additional EC$8.8 million to Anguilla had a clear objective to support recovery efforts in Anguilla’s education sector, primarily in the reconstruction/rehabilitation of damaged infrastructure, as well as increasing resilience to cope with natural disasters in the future.”

She also expressed satisfaction in the Government as it continues to show positive progress and commitment towards prudent Public Financial Management (PFM) and good Budgetary Transparency reforms.

The overall expected outcome of the education reform is for all children to be able to complete seven years of quality primary education and five years of an appropriate, quality secondary education, regardless of any physical or intellectual disabilities.

The EU strongly believes that supporting education is a solid development investment and is confident that this programme and additional assistance will contribute to the reconstruction of a quality educational system in Anguilla that will be accessible, efficient, cost-effective, affordable and – very important- also resilient.

The EU has provided development aid to Anguilla since 1976. The overall programme budget for the current 11th EDF intervention is approximately EC$45 million (€14.05M) until 2021, with EC$40 million (€12.6M) earmarked for the education and training sector as budget support, and the remainder EC$4.5 million (€1.45M) set aside for specific technical assistance needs. Anguilla also benefits from EU assistance channelled through the EDF Caribbean regional envelope for Overseas Countries and Territories (OCTs).


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