Escaped prison inmate apprehended in Dennery

Escaped prison inmate apprehended in Dennery
Hanson 'Dirty White' James
Hanson 'Dirty White' James
Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James

The escaped inmate who eluded authorities for close to one day was apprehended Wednesday night in the Dennery Valley by a patrol team from the Bordelais Correctional Facility (BCF).

Hanson ‘Dirty White’ James had been on the run after he escaped prison on Tuesday night by scaling the prison’s razor wire fence, while cleaning his maximum security unit.

Deputy Director of BCF Leonard Terrence had told the media that James escaped prison previously (exact date unknown) and it took the authorities two days to recapture him.

Commenting on the issue on Wednesday evening on News Maker Live, Prime Minister Allen Chastanet said that residents of the Dennery area claimed that James was seen in the community.

The prime minister said that there was need to find out whether the escaped prisoner received help from inside the prison to facilitate his escape. “The question is was it a mistake in judgement or was it deliberate.”

James is serving a sentence of four years and seven months for stealing and gross indecency.


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  1. Probably, he had to escape from Bordelais because his love-making skills were being improved. Anyway, he is going back and that means he can only get better.


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