Ernest Hilaire will work hard to win Castries South seat

Ernest Hilaire will work hard to win Castries South seat
Ernest Hilaire
Dr. Ernest Hilaire

Saint Lucia Labour Party (SLP) candidate for Castries South, Dr. Ernest Hilaire, made his debut speech at the party’s recent public meeting held at market steps in Castries.

Hilaire declared that he will work hard to secure the Castries South seat at the next general election, the place he was born and raised, and hope to represent.

“I know the constituency, I know Castries South. I lived there. It shaped my mind, attitude and it has all the stories of my struggle for survival and for success,” he remarked.

But the candidate told the gathering on Friday that it took a lot of hard work and dedication to get to the point where he is, crediting most of his achievements to his involvement with the National Youth Council (NYC).

The one-time Vice President of the NYC said, “Because of the NYC, I learnt the values of hard work.”

Although Hilaire has an outstanding career which saw him serving as the Chief Executive Officer of the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and former Saint Lucia British High Commissioner, he has recently been in the public spotlight for his alleged involvement in the Juffali affair.

However, the SLP candidate does not believe that the Juffali affair will have any impact on his campaign to become the next MP for Castries South.


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  1. only now you remember that place wow you never even set foot there over the last elections you were interested in making yourself while the people in Cs was made to suffer from the time of john odlum till now the community has become worse off now you coming bearing gifts
    to late bro to late


    • the history of Troy WARNS us to "Beware of Greeks bearing gifts".

      Those who know about Trojan Horses and smart ones know "patriots don't vote for traitors."


  2. i really find it INSULTING to say that the JUFFALI affair will have NO impact on your campaign. SO LETTING PEOPLE SEE YOU TRANSPARENTLY DOESNT SEEM TO MATTER. THEY SHOUD REALLY KICK YOU BOY


  3. Can someone tell me why Kenny Anthony keeps on insulting the people of this country, by shoving alleged corrupt, tainted, arrogant people just like him down our throats. This guy should have been hauled before an independent committee to answer for his blatant and arrogant disrespect for St. Lucia and St. Lucians. I hope voters teach this guy the lesson of his life at the poles. You travel the world at the expense of tax payers living the high life, while the tax payers are being squeezed and don't even know what they will feed their children with. Is this guy for real??


  4. Unfortunately St. Lucia is too small and everyone knows everyone for this country to every progress properly. If only people stopped talking from a "friends" perspective and started judging these politicians, who feel they fit and qualified for national office on their merits and PRODUCTIVE accomplishments and nothing else...the country would be a lot better.

    Was the positions of which Dr. Hilaire held successful?? how did he handle his post at the West Indies Cricket Board (WICB) and as former Saint Lucia British High Commissioner?? What I find extremely puzzling is St. Lucia many news channels and reporters happily collect press releases from these political parties and never ask for stats to back the claims made or on these ppl. Someone can be a CEO CFO CTO all the ooos of a company but unless the company isn't producing or perform satisfactorily all his so called accolades are hogwash and I won't want him making decisions that could affect my country. and that goes for all politicians. This position has too much of an impact on how ppl live their lives to let any unscrupulous, money hungry, power hungry, cash grabbing, fascist into office.

    Reporters do a better job!!!!Go out and look for stories, investigate these politicians. make them think twice before going up. You don't always have to wait for stories to find you for once.


  5. I don't ever knowing you growing up in that area. I grew up in that area and still have relatives and deep roots in that area. Your big smile, lots of red shirts and
    money folded and bluff is a political means you expect will do the trick; good luck.
    I'm a bit disturbed when a so called local person suddenly come into some money
    flashing it around, asking for your vote. Beware, once in, you are screwed. Amen.


  6. Volaire why haven't you been as instrumental in the development of the community that shaped you before now? You have been doing well way before now and you have never thought to seek out the needy persons or young persons in the community and try to help at least one of them? Now that you want their votes you trying to buy them with bobol money. You insult the people by trying to fool that by giving them a few scraps from your table because you need them now? If you were not going up for elections I am sure you'd never set foot in that area! HYPOCRITE!!!


  7. I am from Morne Road and yes we are very part of the area... The Cadet family, The Bailey Family, The Francis Family, The Leo Francis, The Nestor Family, The Samuel Family and many more...
    Yes we all played at the Police Tennis court and run around the Hospital Road,La Toc and the Morne area.

    We are very much part of the area and continue to walk and lime there... You guys are outsiders and know nothing of the area.


  8. WHat exactly has the NYC contributed to for the youth of this country? Celebrating minor victories not one major achievement and that's your claim to fame?


  9. Dr. Hilaire, a SON of the SOIL.
    A man who has contributed to West Indies Cricket and served in all capacities in Saint Lucia.

    A humble man. One who cares about this Islands development.

    Welcome Sir, Welcome!

    The " Yellow Party" doesn't build anything.
    They only know how to destroy.


  10. Hilaire I find you to be very ungrateful. for you to remember growing up Hospital Road ( Castries South East) the place that shaped your mind and attitude for survival and success. Yes you were successful because you were the CEO of WICB, you were also the Saint Lucia High Commissioner, where you embraced Jufalli. All that success you achieved and never once thought of the needy and the less fortunate in that area, to at least make a personal contribution. I am sure you knew of people who were in need. Now you have thrown your hat in the political ring, you want to ask these same people whom you had forgotten about ( because you were too big to associate with them,) you want their vote, you want to work hard because only now you know what the constituency need. Does it mean that you must be in politics to make a contribution to people in your constituency whom you grew up with, who might be in need?


    • Apart from your incoherent "Re-looping" emotional tantrums, what plans do you and your "Yellow Party" have to keep us out of the reach of the IMF, or build this Nation, should they win the Election?
      Don't worry, I'll wait.


      • Yes that is all you will have to do, 'WAIT' because Good things come to those who wait. Your Red party En Rouge promised Better Days. I suppose you are among those who benefited from Better days.


  11. These SLPs from top to bottom are always laughing in the face of voters. Some of us are so dumb that they piss in our eyes and we in turn call it rain.


  12. It's not about winning Doctor, It's about working once you win. I wonder if some of you politicians love your country. Administration after administration has failed our country.

    We need to build the middle class and eradicate poverty as much as possible. Our capital city is a mess, this need to be fixed, health care for all citizens should be a priority. CUBA CAN DO IT WITH ALL THEIR HARD SHIPS WHY CAN'T WE?

    Proper housing for the people at hospital road. ERADICATE THE SLUM, AND STOP MAKING A LIVING OFF POOR PEOPLE'S MISERY !


    • Since when lucia have middle class??? working class and high class my brother. 85% of us working our tails off and the 15% enjoying life handed down from colonialism...


  13. Oh my now hilaire remember Castries South. It shaped his mind and his struggles. Ole talk for votes. If he was not trying to run for elections he would be on the cocktail circuit enjoying ambassadorial life and don't care two dams about castries south.
    As ambassador did he remember and get at least one thing, one donation for Castries South. Ah but then he was not thinking about elections, bon tiemp at the embassy.

    Up to now we do not have the juffali story. Up to now. Hilaire and alva Baptiste saying nothing so who do we trust? Secrets and darkness is whst juffali is all about. Is that what Hilaire want to offer in government?

    You let us down once shame on you. You want a second try. No way.


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