“Ernest Hilaire needs to resign forthwith” – Chastanet

“Ernest Hilaire needs to resign forthwith” – Chastanet
Ernest Hilaire
Ernest Hilaire
Ernest Hilaire

Political leader of the United Workers Party (UWP) has sounded another call for the Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment Programme (CIP) Ernest Hilaire to resign forthwith.

Chastanet’s comment comes in light of a recent judgment made in the British High Court regarding Saint Lucia’s Permanent Representative to the International Maritime Organisation (IMO) Dr. Walid Juffali.

The court said Dr. Juffali has sought and obtained a diplomatic appointment with the sole intention of defeating his wife [Ms Estrada’s] claims consequent on the breakdown of their marriage.

The action was described by the judge as spurious and one that is an entirely artificial construct.

“How can you have a person who was involved in the appointment of Dr. Juffali that has brought Saint Lucia into such scandal…Ernest Hilaire needs to resign forthwith,” Chastanet stated.

Chastanet said the judge said what everybody has seen and understood which is the appointment of Dr. Juffali is basically is a farce and has nothing to do with what he was going to do for Saint Lucia.

“What was interesting is that this is not the first time that Dr. Juffali has attempted this.  When he had his first divorce, he apparently did the same thing,” Chastanet added.

Opposition Senator Dominic Fedee has also recently advised Hilaire to break his silence and come clean on the Juffali affair, noting that the nation deserves an explanation.

“I think that if he was the High Commissioner at the time, he would know better than anyone else the details surrounding the appointment of Dr. Juffali,” Fedee told the media.


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  1. This is the last straw. I have been a loyal Labor supporter for all my life, but there comes a time when you have to wake up and smell the coffee. My party is killing our country.
    I have been treated well over the years, but my conscience does not allow me to continue to bury my head in the sand. For the 1st time in my life I will vote against my party and I urge others to do the same. Enough is enough, but this is too much.
    I don't plan to reveal any details but if I am pushed, LOOK OUT!!!


  2. And this is the man that KDA wants to put ahead of PIP, Emma and Alva?
    This man is a bad omen and he will bring his dark shadows to the SLP. And that will be their downfall!


  3. Mr. Hilaire, take my advice and continue along your political path, WE St. Lucians will only rant about this on sno, the air waves, social media and on the streets. WE never take a true stand against guys like you Mr. Hilaire.


  4. Now here is the meat of what we have to consider as concerned citizens of the country. The PM defended the appointment of Juffali by saying that he would have facilitated a Diabetic research centre and purported to have acted upon such an offer by commencing the process of enacting relevant legislation. The UK court in its judgement has concluded that Dr. Juffali could have made such a contribution to St. Lucia without being "made" a diplomat since "he fell in love with St. Lucia" etc, etc.

    In effect what can be deduced from such a situation is that we had allegedly given Juff a diplomatic appointment, diplomatic passport in exchange for something of value. What is the significance of someone carrying a St. Lucia passport?

    Remember that Dr. Hilaire refused to answer this specific question while being interviewed. Do you know why?

    Remember those guys are PHDs and being advised legal PHDs. It would have been wrong of him to answer "yes" since it would have opened the door to litigation. In fact, it may have been implied or a legal question could have arose whether a CBI programme had already been started even before the necessary legal authority was given by St. Lucian parliament. This would have given a course of action to any interested party in St. Lucia

    Now i am not your legal rep, however i know for a fact if it was any other government Dr PM would have already challenge and tested this in the court.


  5. Forget Juff for the moment and focus on what has been happening here in St. Lucia. The Government, specifically the PM, has taken a bill to cabinet to give effect to medical research/trials in St. Lucia. With all that was said by the judge about a fake diplomatic arrangement between our government and Juff doesn't that invoke total complicity by our government in a shameful scan/ whatever you want to call it, all to deceive first of all the International diplomatic community, the IMO, the UK and UK courts, Miss Estrada and the people of St. Lucia who have tried since independence (1979) to maintain a good relationship with the rest of the world?

    Where did we go wrong or deviate from our pursuit of international acclaim? I can tell you for sure that we were on the right path before 1997. I mean we had the UN scandal before that where the good Dr. Fleming took all the blame. We would think that the Labour Party coming to office would have learnt from this mistake, however, they soon followed it with the Helenites building affair and it has continued and graduated at a steady pace to Frenwel, Grynberg, Frederick visa, Lambird, IMPACS now Juffali.

    You may say that the IMPACS situation was not created by KDA, however if was not for him being an "official" witness who saw a "hit list" and had implicated police business people and government in speech after speech he would not have been required to prove it.

    Similarly if he was not satisfied with the legal route by the way of inquest which had been taking place he could have simply asked the attorney general to reopen inquest, all within the laws of St. Lucia. This would have satisfied the US and UK's requirement of "due process."

    However, he took his own route to blame and shame, and in all that he has compromised the integrity of evidence and the case as a whole. Since when evidence is to be examined, substantiated, edited and passed on to DPP by a member of the executive?

    I mean there was ample evidence that it could not work since the Town and Villages report had not worked. This is also corroborated by the alternative route sought in using Estaphane to file a civil suit which has also failed.

    Is Estaphane still on retainer? Nobody knows, however, he has gone further and hired high powered legal team, at our expense of course, to represent us on IMPACS. Is St. Lucia involved in any legal proceeding concerning IMPACS? Isn't Yankee aid given only at their discretion?

    Who ever has any sense of literacy will understand.


  6. Well if the gentleman has shown himself to be untrustworthy at regional, local and international levels, it is alleged; why would any one want him near politics? that type of shade is bound to follow every where he goes. and his actions will have massive negative consequences for all of us. So please do us a favour Mister and stay away from politics. it will not serve st lucia well or yourself.


  7. There MUST be an inquiry into this Juffali scandal. Ernest Hilaire MUST be made accountable and tell the nation exactly what went down in that London office. Then Ernest Hilaire MUST resign from the Citizen by Investment Program. The the people must DEMAND a proper exercise of due diligence on the members of the board of CIP AND the Agents for CIP. Why are we not hearing a word from the foreign affairs minister Alva Baptiste, was he out of the loop on Juffali? The only thing Alva Baptiste has said in months is that St. Lucian students in Taiwan are safe after the earthquake there.

    This whole thing stinks to high heaven.There are too many unanswered question or answers that don't make any sense. These people are insulting the intelligence of St. Lucians! Heads must roll.

    I christen this inquiry "The Juffali Inquiry."


  8. Oh boy, what have you done to yourself, you're done
    before you've started. Not just done but well done.
    Wisdom should tell you, before this thing boil over and
    make a bigger mess, for others to mop up, GO for god sake.


  9. Earnest doesn't have one credible bone left in his body. For the sake of your budding political career the right thing and resign from the CIP forthwith.
    PIP must be having a belly full of laughs now.


  10. "would know better than anyone else...."

    The best person who KNOW all the details is the PM.

    And lets not forget folks he's a CIVIL SERVANT, he's OUR servant, our employee.

    He answers to US the people.



  11. SUDDENLY : We got to know we have a Rep on the IMO
    SUDDENLY : We his divorce proceedings started
    SUDDENLY : Kenny remembers he is a lawyer and cant intervene in Man & Woman affairs
    SUDDENLY : Work will start on Best Ever Diabetic Centre in Saint Lucia & Caribbean
    SUDDENLY : Ernest Hilaire turn ..Cant speak...
    When will Saint Lucian SUDDENLY Wake Up !!!


  12. Hi Mr. Hilaire do the right thing at least to protect St.Lucia's name.Yours is nat in very good shape right now. This is not Cricket, this is about St.Lucia.



  13. I love it.... and RE HAUL this entire CIP program and officers involved, nothing but nepotism. There are people in capacities NOT coinciding with their certification. MATCH JOBS with credentials as well. FORTH WITH. They doing what they WANT TOO MUCH. An official inquiry into this man and anything he is involved in starting with CIP. a COMPLETE AUDIT of this department has to be done.

    Please and thank YOU


  14. Exactly, Layba .... but doubting now. Its a question of integrity and putting country first.

    Hilaire reportedly wants to run a seat and be leader of SLP. Is that the kind of entry he wants to make?

    Is that what we must expect from him? But his ego and arrogance will decide his next move and fate in light of this fiasco

    We are not blind. The judge has only officially confirmed what we KNEW, NOT SUSPECTED, BUT NEW had taken place.

    But who resigns? Certainly not here. Is now they holding on tight


    • Once, the man they are scare of speak, they will speak and speak nonsense. Wait for it, wait for it. wait for it.


  15. I agree! If Ernest Hilaire had an ounce of honour left in him, he would do us all a favour and RESIGN. Everything that Hilaire touches now will always be viewed as SUSPECT. Trust does not come with e refill. Once it is lost you probably won't get it back and even if you do it is NEVER the same as it was before. EH lost all our trust.


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