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Epileptic St. Lucian finds relief in Guyanese treatment

By Horace Cunningham, SNO Staff Writer

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13933395_10154570596226833_1666426339_n26-y-o Sara Wilson of Ciceron has been suffering from epilepsy for 15 years now.

The crippling disease left her with constant seizures that reduced her ability to have a normal life for most of her time in school and early adulthood.

She was teased during high school due to the side effects of her medication;

I went to school and got laughed at every single day because I suffered from hair loss which is one of the side effects of the medications I was taking,” she said.

Wilson said that she went to several local specialists throughout her 15-year long ordeal but none was able to help her reduce the symptoms of the epilepsy to manageable levels.

The change came however when she fell sick for a total of 5 months and her father finally decided to send her to Guyana for treatment;

“After falling sick for five months;from the 24th of Feburary to the 30th of July my father decided to send me to Guyana,” she said.

In Guyana Wilson was diagnosed with a nerve deficiency which lead to the seizures.

She was prescribed the anti-epilepsy drug Keffra and she has seen remarkable improvements since.

“Here I am today, no more in wheel chair and with my seizures under control,” she said.

Wilson had a thank you for her family and friends who stood by her during her struggles:

“I would like to thank my doctor Ghansham Singh, my uncle, his wife and kids, my no sleep crew Christa, Aj, Zedan, Yandy, Eli and Kessa. Also my two sisters Soriah and Tamara for having the patience to deal with sleepiness nights with me. My mom Enda, my sister for going to Guyana with me and having the patience,” she said.

My forevers Cagina, Vaince, Gale, Melvin, aunty Gloria, Omari, Osei, aunty Nilsa, Granny Baba, Mervin, Zanick, Nurse Dolly, Jeanic and Queena and most of all the love of my life father who never ever gave up on me. I am delighted and grateful to be here today because of all their motivations. I will continue doing my best.


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  1. God should be thè main person to thank baby girl... I'm happy u got relief ...thanks to the almighty for it all!!!

  2. To often in life we forget to say thank you. It is exceptionally wonderful of you to remember to thank those who helped you during such a trying time,especially through this medium.... Keep doing better,god has really delivered like he has so many times for us

  3. Wow my daughter is going to b 3 yrs nxt wk n she has epilepsy pray to god tht she will grow out of it .keep up the positivity n the faith now its time to enjoy ur life n gv it all to christ

  4. I am happy for u my girl, God is good always

  5. That is very important for local doctors.They can prescribe that drugs for many sufferers on the island.Many may benefit from it. dont be a know all while people suffer.

  6. Wow nice god is gud all the time .My daughter will b 3yrs nxt wk n she has epilepsy I pray to god tht she will grow out of it.Thts gud u bein cured of it keep the faith nice n b positive .

  7. God is gud my daughter is 3yrs and has epilepsy I pray to god tht it will go away or she will grow out of it I am happy for u keep the faith motivation n b positive

  8. I was waiting for the miracle drug, the mention of de ganga. But nada. The story lacks substance. why did it take her father 15 years to take her to Guyana? Why Guyana? Did someone recommend Guyana? Anyways all the best though.

  9. The drug is actually called Keppra. Double p not double f

  10. I don't see the connection Guyana has with getting a prescription that works. I thought the news was supposed to educate people and shed light. Some patients go through over 20 prescribed drugs before they get the right results.

    • well i dont think it has nothing to do with a connection in Guyana, i believe they were just stating the obvious that the girl was suffering for so long and she finally got something that worked, so saying this might shed light on others who have that sickness she has and worst, so saying where she got the treatment would allow people to know where to go to get it so they can be better. so in some sense it those educate and shed some light

      • So are you saying that the drug "Keppra" is only found in Guyana?

      • Well she recieved treatment from a Guyanese Doctor. And was treated differently from what she recieved in St.Lucia. so I would like to think that Guyana plays a connection in it. Most importaly thank her dad for making the sugguestion.

  11. Very good medication it makes a difference in ones life. Good luck with life.

  12. My girl give god all the glory and praise he will see you through .

    These doctors don't know what they are doing . I am a living testimony .
    When they graduate cuba they thing they know it all.

    • I fully agree with you. It's not only the medication but also making ALL the correct diagnoses. (plural)
      However the dr who attended to her is licensed in the US and also practices in Guyana
      God bless

  13. and to all those that laughed at and mocked this young girl shame on you.if it was you who pointed the finger who had it how would you feel if you were laughed at. today was hers tomorrow will be yours. sick disgusting people.

  14. Very impressive of you to remember to thank the people who took care of and supported you, including your doctor and nurse.

    It speaks volumes of your character. Keep being blessed and thankful. I wish you a continued recovery.

  15. Wonderful!


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