Entrepreneurs from developing countries paving the way

Entrepreneurs from developing countries paving the way

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – According to a study conducted by the Ewing Marion Kauffman Foundation, called the Global Entrepreneurship Index, gave substantial measurable evidence, that Entrepreneurship could add 7 Trillion dollars to Global Economy.

What is becoming even more apparent, is that the most innovative solutions, are coming from Entrepreneurs from developing countries paving the way for a more liveable existence.

Not easily defeated, the mindset of a true Entrepreneur is fuelled by a dream of something better, and by the grace of God, that mindset will foster new and more promising outcomes for our younger generation.

One such example, is Scheed Cole of Jamaica, of 360 Recycle Manufacturing, recipient of the 2017 Energy Globe National Award.

Cole’s business idea sprouted from a desire to reduce all the plastic and glass waste he saw in the neighborhood of Olympic Gardens in Kingston.

360 Recycling Manufacturing’s Products include; Construction Materials, Flower Pots, Water features, Rock climbers, Seating, Home and Garden Sculptures and Others. Not only innovative and creative, Scheed Cole is quickly becoming known as the “Green Solution”.

Another forward thinking concept, much like Uber and Lyft in the United States, is an emerging service created by a Kenyan company, has caught the attention of investors. In 2014, Sendy founders Meshack Alloys, Don Okoth, and Evanson Biwott decided to enter PivotEast, a mobile start-up competition sponsored by infoDev. They ended up winning. Since then, they have come a long way. Last year in 2017, Sendy participated in infoDev’s XL Africa accelerator program and concluded a 2 million dollar round of funding!

How does this service work? You simply pick a vehicle (motorcycle, van, truck or pickup), book a delivery by selecting your pickup and destination to receive a price quote, then track your driver and deliver in real time.

From recycling to delivery service, Entrepreneurs are paving the way. Let’s take a look at transportation in the Caribbean. Caribbean Transit Solutions, based in Barbados, provides real-time and on-demand information on public transit vehicles as well as private fleets of vehicles. Their services include;

Beepbus – provides commuters a Location Based, mobile transportation Solution (LBS) with real-time information on the status and timing of Public Service Vehicles (PSVs).

BeepCab – allows riders to request and book a taxi directly from their phone. The system alerts the taxi nearest to the rider and allows the user to hail and pay for cabs frictionlessly from their phones.

EasyTrak – A fleet and vehicle management platform that enables monitoring, reporting and analytical functionality to administrators and fleet managers. This platform also allows insurers to offer discounts to their customers based on the customers’ driving habits.

These are just a few of the many God-given talented Entrepreneurs who have made it their responsibility to make life better for their communities and their countries. They are examples of the types of individuals who are making a difference in the everyday lives of others.

I just have one question – Are we in St. Lucia ready to invest in our own and see what our own people are capable of?

Article by: Michelle N. Samuel,
Founder of SLUDTERA and News & Updates Contributor


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