Enthusiasm as transition begins to OKEU

Enthusiasm as transition begins to OKEU

(St. Lucia News Online) — Physicians and all those involved are expressing enthusiasm as the transition begins from the Victoria Hospital to Owen King EU (OKEU) Hospital.

The transition began on Wednesday.

Medical Director at the Victoria Hospital, Dr. Alisha Eugene-Ford, expressed the enthusiasm of her team as the process started.

“I think everybody, not only the staff at the Victoria Hospital but also the other persons coming on board to assist us, they’re very happy,” she said. “As you know, when we move at the Victoria Hospital it’s not only for Victoria Hospital but it’s something that will benefit the whole nation of St. Lucia. So, we’re very excited, we really want it to happen and we’re working very hard and tirelessly to make this happen, but also taking into consideration that we have COVID-19, and we need to take all the precautionary measures to ensure that we do not have COVID-19 at the new hospital, and our COVID-19 cases are managed at the Respiratory Hospital.”

Nursing Director Ruth Regis-Adesanya has been instrumental in strategizing the move to OKEU Hospital.

She declared there’s no turning back, full steam ahead while expressing the excitement of the nursing fraternity.

“It’s really exciting to see an event that we’ve planned for so long and we’ve worked so hard and had so many up and downs about it actually coming to fruition. We are really privileged to be part of this. It is something that not many nurses get to be part of in their lifetime, the moving of a new hospital, so we’re really, really excited. The excitement on the ground is amazing and we may be physically tired but we’re so motivated to do this. So it’s definitely happening this time.”

Pearl Jagroop, ward manager for the Male Surgical Unit, could not contain her excitement.

“Generally everyone is excited, everyone is excited,” she said. “We’ve been hearing about moving for years now and every time we hear move everybody is like, ‘ok we’re moving again,’ we’re moving but we never actually move. But this time around when we realize that this is happening for true, nurses are with me all the way. We’ve like just a few days to set up a whole surgical unit and we’re ready.”

Prime Minister Allen Chastanet visited the new hospital on Wednesday, March 25 to get a firsthand view of the progress made thus far.

He commended the staff for their hard work and dedication.

“But the thing that was really encouraging was to see the morale of the staff here and given the magnitude of what they’re going to have to accomplish over the next 72 hours, many of them have been working for 16 days non-stop and everybody remains focused, everybody has smiles on their faces, everybody remains incredibly enthusiastic,” he said.


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