Enough is enough (letter to the editor)

Enough is enough (letter to the editor)
Prime Minister Allen Chastanet

Dear Editor:  For the past months I have sat home following up on what’s happening in my country Saint Lucia since the UWP administration has been in power. I have heard both sides (UWP and SLP) and put things together, as in life you don’t only listen to one side and cast your judgments.

I have heard people saying that all politicians are the same (I beg to differ) and I believe they’re saying this because they know better but refuse to accept the facts.

With that being said there are questions that need answers and some people may not have the balls to ask them so I’ll start and let’s see how many will continue.

Let me first say that I am NOT affiliated or part of any political party. I am here for what is best for my country and its people. We all have choices in life and are also subjected to opinions. To me, facts matter and also play a major role in our everyday lives.

So here are some questions I need to address to the district representative of Soufriere:

1. With all that’s going on right now in the country, do you think it’s the right thing to allow the head of the country to do all this damage to our economy and sweet St Lucia?

2. Knowing that tourism is the number factor of your constituency, which brings in money every day to this part of the country, why is it okay for you to allow all this to be happening and you are not speaking up?

3. What does the PM have on you or anyone close to you that you have been so silent?

4. What is going on with the Soufriere square, as before you came to power the project was already paid for and was on the way of being completed by 2017 at the latest?

5. Why did you allow the project to be stopped on August 1, 2016, just after assuming position in office because the PM Allen Chastanet said that “he didn’t see anything of his vision in the square project” when you came to social media stating that the project will commence because your vision was finally in it?

6. Knowing pretty well that the Humming Bird project was not approved in 2011 when Allen was trying to run for the Soufriere seat and destroying the only beach we had left in the town, you continued it after getting in office alongside the SRDF, which to this date still hasn’t been approved. Why did you allow them to take the beach from us and now the project has stopped once again?

a) Did the cost overrun?
b) Are the finances done?
c) Did it get stopped because of all the illegal building?
d) Are there other reasons for it being stopped?

7. Is it country first for you, or business and profit first, knowing that the aftermath of what’s happening now will affect all the citizens of Saint Lucia including you?

8. Why is the SRDF running as a friend self-help on the finances?

9. The director of the SRDF, why was he rehired at the same post after all the issues between 2006 and 2011, and why is the SRDF paying for a personal driver/security guard? Mind you that he’s getting a hefty salary as well.

10. a. The health system is very bad especially with all the politricking going on. Why did you help acquire the property stating that it’s for a new hospital, knowing that the property is in the flood zone?

b. Given the fact that we are in need of a hospital in the town, as the closest health care is either in the south (which currently at its worst) and in the north, which is 26 miles away. Why hasn’t any work being done on the hospital to resume operations, because your government said that they can build new one in two years? (I wonder if it’s a mansion that’s gonna be built, a business place or something else because a hospital has more structural specifications to be built.)

c. How long do the people of Soufriere and its environs have to wait to receive a proper health facility? Keep in mind that Canaries and Choisuel also use the hospital.

These are my questions for now and I am open to criticism, positive and negative feedback. As I mentioned before, I am not affiliated with any political party or person.

I am a concerned citizen and a patriot to my country and its people. This post is about asking the questions that many stay blind of and also the future of our children lies upon the decisions that we make.

Anderson Calixte


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  1. Simple answer screw you we have taken the funds and fund other projects, because all the flying he did not much was put in his tin cup so he has rob Peter to pay Paul. You said you are from Soufriere; Question #1 Why are you surprise ? Question#2 What did Allen Chastanet really do for Soufrierans ? Question # 3. Was this not the same Allen Chastanet who fired all the Soufriere tour Concierge ? Question#4. The Soufriere Square, well that is pretty much self explanatory Question #5. The Humming Bird Project and Beach need I say anymore. My dear when Allen Chastanet ran for office in 2011 it was just a "ploy" by the UWP to create a raster and façade of politician and Soufriere was just stepping stone to be where he is today. They were and still is on the mind set concept that he can run the country in the same shrewd manner he ran his personal businesses only now are slowly awakening to this myth and are discovering that oil and water do not mix.


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