English and creole pageantry flourish at Sandals Resorts  

English and creole pageantry flourish at Sandals Resorts  
SHC - Mr and Ms Epic 2017 - L-R - Carlyn Paul and Nikile Caulderon
SHC – Mr and Ms Epic 2017 – L-R – Carlyn Paul and Nikile Caulderon

(PRESS RELEASE) – Recognising and showing appreciation for the unique cultures of our team members has always been of great importance to Sandals Resorts International in every country where we have planted our flag.

We were therefore very excited to actively participate and be part of Saint Lucia’s National Kwéyòl Festival 2017, that was held as part of Soleil Saint Lucia Summer Festival, a 6 month-long series of events celebrating various aspects of Saint Lucian culture, from its culinary delights to its Creole heritage.

At Sandals Grande St Lucian Spa and Beach Resort our guests and team members enjoyed a thrilling Creole Pageant – Misyé ѐk Manmsѐl Kwéyòl 2017, to cap off the festivities that were winding down for the month of November.

Niecer Sufferen and Giovanni Ermay – Mr and Ms Kweyol 2017

During the week of November 01st and leading up to the event, participants in the Sandals Grande Misyé ѐk Manmsѐl Kwéyòl 2017 (Mr and Ms Creole) Competition spent time visiting media houses and drumming up support for the show. On the night of the show which was held on November 04th, crowds filled the ballroom at Sandals Grande and in an atmosphere of team spirited competition and celebration, the contestants, 5 male and 5 female, hit the stage.

From listwa Sent Lisi (Saint Lucian history), to the benefits of siwomyѐl, (honey), all facets of Saint Lucian creole culture were on display. Niecer Sufferen, stage name – Fanm Balawou, stole the crown with her creative portrayal of the Balawou (needle fish) fish that many Saint Lucians know and love. Not only was she caught in a fish net and brought on stage in a boat, she was draped in iridescent blue fish scales for her evening wear. Giovanni Ermay, Mr Creole 2017, had wowed the crowd as Misyé Kokodou.

Meanwhile, Sandals Halcyon also produced a sold-out show on November 11th. The all English pageant was much anticipated and Ms. Epic 2017, Carlyn Paul, wearing a feathery two-piece gown that highlighted the gifts at the resort won the hearts of the judges. Ms. Epic’s gown was described as a – “Form fitting corset that caresses her curves and highlights the bold colours of the Sandals Daily Breeze”, which is an in-house newspaper for guests.

Mr. Epic 2017, Nikile Caulderon, was no less resplendent in a skillfully tailored suit made from sack cloth and a waistcoat made from CD’s. Bianca Young, Environmental Health and Safety Manager at Sandals Halcyon and one of the key organisers, had this to say. “Recycling and reusing have been taken to a whole new level. Our team members are so creative and they truly went above and beyond for this show. We are already looking forward to next year’s event.”

Soon it will be the turn of team members at Sandals Regency to crown a Ms. Sandals.


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