Energy management training for Saint Lucian SMEs

Energy management training for Saint Lucian SMEs

(PRESS RELEASE) – Micro, small and medium sized enterprises (MSMEs) in the St Lucian manufacturing sector will receive free training in energy management from October 4th and 5th, 2017.

The training is to equip MSMEs with the skills and tools that will assist them with increasing energy efficiency in their business operations, and take advantage of renewable energy technologies which can better position them to seize new market access opportunities.

The training is being spearheaded by Caribbean Export Development Agency (the leading regional authority on trade and export development) with partnership support from Saint Lucia Trade Export Promotion Agency (TEPA)

Over the course of the two days, seven areas of training will be delivered. They will focus on the role of energy in businesses, how optimise energy resources, renewable energy technologies and how they work, standards and services, energy efficiency and conservation, project monitoring and evaluation and monitoring energy consumption.

According to chief executive officer of TEPA Emmanuel Flood, a number of trends in the energy sector continue to significantly impact the cost of doing business and business profitability globally. Key among these are escalating and volatile oil prices. At the regional level, the response of government has been to champion the adoption of energy smart technologies and create policy and financing mechanisms to facilitate businesses in moving towards energy efficiency.

Mrs Flood indicated that small businesses. “SMEs are inextricably woven into the industrial fabric of the Saint Lucian economy. They sustain the rural economy, and form a significant percentage of private enterprise and the labour force. In this macroeconomic context, TEPA’s aim is to ensure that our businesses and entreprenuers have the means to optimise their use of energy services, make decisions to improve profitability, improve their competitiveness, and by extension that of Saint Lucia, within the global economy”, she concluded.

The energy management training for SMES will be delivered by the Barbadian firm, Atom Solutions Inc.


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