Endy William – Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen contestant

Endy William – Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen contestant
Endy Williams
Endy Williams

Each day, starting Monday, June 17, 2013, St. Lucia News Online will publish a biography of a contestant in the Miss Gros Islet Carnival Queen Pageant, scheduled to take place on Sunday, July 21, 2013 at Gaiety, Rodney Bay, starting at 7:30 p.m.

Twenty-three-year-old Endy William was born in Jetrine, St. Lucia, a small community in the south of the island.

She attended primary school at the Saltibus Combined before moving on to the Vieux Fort Comprehensive Secondary School; she enjoys reading, writing poetry, socializing, singing and modeling.

Endy grew up as one of the less fortunate in society and believes this has shaped her into an individual with great appreciation for the finer things in life. For Endy this includes family, friends, love and laughter – things that are often taken for granted.

She prides herself on being an ambitious and purpose-driven individual, someone who will never allow shallow minds to shape her personality or character. More importantly, she believes in making positive changes and adjustments wherever necessary in order to succeed in life. She measures success not by society’s standards but by the accomplishments of goals, however small.

Endy migrated to Toronto, Canada at age 15 and attended the Park Dale Collegiate Institute and later the George Harvey Collegiate Institute. She graduated with a high school diploma. She volunteered at The Scott Mission Shelter, helping the homeless and the needy. This experience was fulfilling to her as she could relate to those people and their feelings. She admits that helping people in however small a capacity is what gives life true meaning.

Endy finds personal strength, love and protection in words of wisdom from her beloved mother, Miss Sarah William, because her life is truly an inspiration.

In 2012 after spending seven years abroad, Endy returned to St. Lucia during which time she registered for a two-month course in effective speaking at the NRDF. She believes this training will serve as a stepping stone towards her ultimate goal of becoming a journalist. She is presently employed at the Boardwalk Bar at the Rodney Bar Marina.

Endy’s most famous words and belief is a quote from the late Mother Theresa: “Be faithful in small things because it is in them that your strength lies”.

Tomorrow, June 19, 2013, we will feature the biography of Janel Pierre.


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