EMT students receive certificates from IAC course

EMT students receive certificates from IAC course

0f37911c-906e-4af8-bb68-688a1b61d070PRESS RELEASE – The Joint Governance and Program Management Committee wishes to inform the public that Emergency Medical Technician students who were recipients of the International Accredited Certification of course completion from the Pasco Hernando State College in affiliation with the Center for EMS Education received their certificates on Saturday January 16, 2016 at a special certificate presentation ceremony by representatives of the Pasco Hernando State College which is Accredited by the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs.

The college as an established Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) and Technical Assistance Agreement (TAA) with the Center for EMS Education here in Saint Lucia. The Memorandum of Understanding was established under the “Consortium Sponsorship” Standard Guidelines of the Commission of Accreditation of Allied Health Education Programs (CAAHEP) which is the United States only approved and Authorized Accreditation body for EMS/EMT Programs and EMS Education offering Colleges and Universities.

The certification presentations was held at the Tapion Hospital Conference Center and presided over and presented to students by Professor Dr. David Sullivan Head of the EMS Department and Assistant Mr. Scott Scurlock Director for EMS Programs of Pasco Hernando State College.


The recipients of the certification had been awaiting the certification for the past year and a half as a result of the Pasco Hernando State Colleges transition from a Community College to a State College and the pending completion of outstanding on complete course work by some of the certification recipients.

The representatives of Pasco Hernando State College arrived on island on Friday January 15, 2016 in preparation for the certification process and to facilitate a press briefing on the delay in certificate issuance to students of the EMS Program founded by Mr. Craig Herman Internationally Certified EMS Educator Trained and Registered the American National Association of EMS Educators (NAEMSE).

Mr. Herman is a registered and qualified Emergency Medical Services Educator of the American National and also a qualified and registered Levels A and B EMS Educator certified by the State of Florida, under its 64J Administrative Code for coordinating and lecturing EMS Training Programs.

The Memorandum of Understanding which allows for the evaluating, monitoring and certifying of EMT Students in keeping with the International Standards of the United States National Registry for Emergency Medical Technicians (NREMT), was transitioned to Pasco Hernando State College formerly Pasco Hernando Community College by Mr. Richard Beck former Associate Dean of Broward College prior to the completion of the MOU when he unexpectedly had to depart the college due family matters.

The transition to Pasco Hernando State College was facilitated due the foreseen delay in a replacement for the Associate Dean which may have affected the timely completion of the MOU and not wanting to allow a further lengthy delay in establishing the MOU which Mr. Herman as an Internationally registered EMS Educator and the College representatives had commenced 2012.

The MOU with Pasco Hernando was formerly signed by the District Board of Trustees of the Pasco Hernando Community College and the Chair and representatives of the BOT and Program Management Committee of the Center for EMS Education in May of 2013.

The Joint Governance Program Management Committee of the EMS Program of the Center for EMS Education would like to formerly congratulate the 18 graduate EMT Students and would especially like to recognize graduate student BRYSON HILAIRE who is the recipient of the most outstanding student Award having been allowed to attempt the final written certification examination as a pretest, halfway through the course and topped the written examination: and Publicly the following graduate students who could not attend the certification ceremony and worthy of note their having been awarded foreign scholarships and currently pursuing medicine in Venezuela, Cuba and Trinidad respectively and those who have completed the EMT program successfully and have moved to the United States:

1. Anya Williams

2. Bryson Hilaire

3. Malachi Obrian

4. Kendal Khodra

The JGPMC would also like to recognize formerly and publically the following past students who have made the committee and program proud in successfully completing advance studies in nursing and other areas of expertise both in Saint Lucia and the United States.

1. Mr. Anthony Levi Peterkin – Asc. Paramedic Science Laguardia

Community College, New York, USA

2. Ms. Kinga Joseph – Nursing (Saint Lucia)

3. Ms. Joanna Jn. Baptiste – Nursing and former EMT Program most outstanding Student 2011-2012

EMT Student International Accredited Certification

4. Ms. Christine Alexander – Asc. Nursing, Florida

5. Ms. Lisa Elibox – Bsc. Nursing Grambling University, United States

6. Ms. Millie Edwards – Bsc. Nursing Grambling University, United States

7. Ms. Charlie Prospere – Bsc. Biology, United States

8. Marline Clovis – Currently in the United Kingdom

9. Crystal George – Currently working and living in Florida

10. Rebertha Wilfred – Currently pursuing nursing studies in Saint Lucia

11. Joanna Jn. Baptiste – Bsc. Medicine

12. Shauna Joseph – Currently living and working in Martinique

13. Shahide Leon – Currently living and working in Martinique

14. Kendal Cadette – Fire Fighter (Saint Lucia)

15. Anissa Soloman – (EMT) Rain Forest Sky Rides Saint Lucia

The above past graduate students are some of the success stories of the EMS/EMT Program amongst others. Contrary to Publicized claims by a local radio station and radio program in early 2014 and again 2016, after the issuance of certificates to recipients, with claims of lingering accusation of students having been DEFRAUDED by the founder of the EMS Program, this is unsubstantiated, disingenuous, and misleading, as the delay in the process of Certificate issuance was due to the factors outlined above, this erroneous accusations have done considerable and Irreparable harm to the name, integrity and reputation of the program founder both personal and professionally, locally, regionally and internationally The Program founder has made every effort to maintain the highest level of integrity, transparency and innate need for the highest standards possible. Further, the Program has maintained a 96 – 98 percent pass rate over the 14 years it has been in existence since 2002, and has never had any such occurrence.

Additionally, the program have provided foundation training for many young persons who themselves have advanced and found meaningful employment with the government and private sector with a large number of them in active practice. We are thus proud of the opportunities the founder has ventured to provide our society and country of who we should be extremely proud despite not having fully understood the area of expertise that is presently being offered and improved on the island.


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