Employees at call centre in Union fall sick

Employees at call centre in Union fall sick
A sick employee being assisted at Victoria Hospital
A sick employee being assisted at Victoria Hospital

Several employees from call centre KM2 Solutions in Union were taken to Victoria Hospital yesterday, Nov. 6 after falling ill.

Employees told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) that a number of calls for ambulance were made yesterday shortly after employees reported for work.

“Turns out the carpet was cleaned on Sunday by (name of company withheld) and persons were having seizures, asthma attacks and fainting,” one of the employee told SNO.

“They advised us to go back [to work] after the CEO of (the carpet company) came in. They opened up the windows and brought in two fans. We were advised to test it. In doing so three to four persons were taken to the hospital,” the employee added.

SNO understands that employees, for some time, have been expressing concern and have made complaints about health issues concerning the work environment at KM2.

Efforts to get feedback from management have so far been futile.


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  1. I've been working with Km2 for 6 years now, must say I'm very grateful. I'm very happy with my job (which is not the best) but I've managed to make the best of it. So to all the salty people who will only come here and speak about the negative, the good about Km2 out weighs the bad. Stop bashing the company because it didn't work out for you. The HR department along side our site director has been trying to make this place as comfortable for us as possible.

    You'll come on here and talk about bad working conditions (which I personally see the carpet as my only issue) but must say km2 has ensured that the carpets are shampooed.

    There was a suggestion box placed in the lobby to voice concerns. How many of you salty people have used it? Now all of you want to open your get and speak bad about the company and most of you coming to a work place that is much cleaner than your homes. You playing like you fainting and rats running on you in your sleep.

    Talking about pineez in the place, you bring the pineez from your house or bus where ever you get it in the people place and complaining, when is in pineez you sleeping. They should send all of yall at your home. The company hasn't begged yall to work in these so called bad conditions so take yall things and go sit in the pineez at yall home.
    Yall feel like the company not giving enough break go at yall home. Yall want to be on yall phone the entire day talking to man and want the company to pay yall for that. They right cause yall to lazy !!!
    Wait till you go an work somewhere else to see how it ridiculous people.

    Kudos to our management staff the job is not the best the environment is not the best, but I can see the effort!!! Keep trying to make this the best working environment for me and the others who can see and appreciate the effort.

    (Yall should stop hiring little children that just leave school to come here an work and think a work place should be a bed of roses. And they want the whole day to be on their phones and get paid for it)


  2. Well well km2 I worked at km2 for 9 long years and I can tell u this place is the worst place ever we joked around and called it hell hole that's how bad it was. Some may ask why soo long the answer to that question not wanting to sit home doing nothing ... I've been there and the carpet was clean and yes they told us sit and do our work and if we left we would not get paid I remember there was one time rats die in the ceiling and we had to sit in the smell to take the calls yes management print a picture like km2 is the best place to work but I can tell u its not I would never advice anyone to go work there and everything that the agents said its no lie been there seen it all heard it all thank god for the day I decided to get out of there


  3. that is why when the clients coming down they running and clean the place and they choose the same people all the time to go round table the people that does not talk....if you make commissions and u call out or send sick leave the taking out a percentage from it where the money the clients sending to pay the staff going,the agents profile have how much us they should get pay an hour yet still they get less than that in ec.all the money going in the big bosses packet...when the people try getting union they firing the people,the people have 15 mins person a day have to time track eveytime they want to go toilet,aa that's not animals that work but then u have sups and bosses walking freely up and down laughing gigi and agents like kids...non sense...god take control


  4. we all know km2 does not care about staff well being.. just their money. the staff were told that if they left they would not be paid for the day, so they all stayed and kept going in and out...km2 is infested with bed bugs also.And they refuse to take a day off to spray the place. They say they do but it does nothappen. It is a great place to work but the need to care about their staff more. not the kind of care they show on their social media.




  6. Many unfavourable reports have been made about this company. I personally know of friends who were former employees of KM2.

    These employees and former employees are not making up these stories. This is the horror they faced on a day to day basis because they need a job , they need money to feed themselves and their families.Those who chose to stay under these harzardous conditions stayed out of fear of losing their jobs.

    This management team needs to be seriously reviewed and or terminated! Do you think the US branches of this company would be managed in this manner?

    The workers are human beings who have to be treated with respect , safety and care- bottom line.


  7. the health department have to seriously look into that place . almost everyday there is an ambulance call and multiple people have resigned bcuz the environment caused some allergic reaction on their skin. mold and up reaching in someone's lungs ...smh




  9. First of all, the agents were advised to leave the production floor and some of them chose to stay. Another area was set up downstairs so that they can continue to work and again some of the agents chose not log in downstairs and go upstairs. Km2 is NOT a terrible company and they are not concerned about making just money because without the agents nothing is possible. If you are going to take the time to post something, ensure that what you are saying is true. Half of you have no idea of what is going on in there. And furthermore, Km2 has done a lot more good and no one speaks about it, but you people are quick to comment on an unfortunate incident and speak ill about the company. This could happen in any business. Last time I checked the Government offices are infested with mold and I don't really hear anyone complaining. So please give KM2 Solutions a break!

    PS. If you were fired from Km2 and you are still bitter about it, feel free to click the dislike button as I already know you will!!!!


    • Excuse me the departments in government which are infested with mold, all the employees have been shift to another office. Why can't km2 shift they staff


    • Excuse me dear, these stories as not just from bitter people who were fired. I voluntarily left km2 and have experienced this in the more recent past. Km2 is a harzard, that entire building has a problem. While I was there, almost an entire campaign fell ill and was simply told to get back to work. Only after staff made an issue were we moved upstairs. I definitely agree that some people in management need to be fired. They do not care about the staff, you are a walking dollar sign and that is all. If someone can tell staff to simply "get back to work" after falling ill what else will not happen at that place? Not everyone in management over there is bad but those who are, are downright despicable. It seems to me like you are one of those despicable one's just here doing damage control.


    • PURE BULLSHIT. The attitude of people like you is the reason why foreigners can come here and treat our workers like shit. That's why slavery continued for 400 years unabated. There were loyal slaves like you who used to defend the same people who enslaved y'all.


    • Come on Marvin. We know its you. All these reports can't be coming from bitter reps. I am not a bitter rep. I actually had a semi ok stint at km2. I personally had bad experiences here and there but i would sum up my experience there as "ok". But the truth is the truth. KM2 St. Lucia don't have a track record of treating their employees well. I am pretty sure that the staff who chose not to put the health in danger and leave early or even those who were hospitalized will not be compensated. Even the fact that the reps have to give up a vacation day to pay for their own staff appreciation is LUDACRIS. There is a hand full of staff (all in management) who are treated well. the for other 98% of your staff. They all thinks it sucks. Don't take my work for it. Ask ANYONE of your staff who is not under fear of being fired or victimized their honest opinion and they will tell you. Maybe you should get some pointers from your Barbadian counterpart. The employees there don't have these complaints.


  10. KM2 is a very inconsiderate company. Only thing they concern about is Makin money and the agents don't get half of what they work for....they always wanna belittle you when ur health is at jepodary.....for u guys to tell the agents to go back to work in this type of condition and their ass not in the same room with the workers, just shows u these ppl jus there for themselves....the workers should get a workers Union in this building....the snitches will get stitches....get well soon guys....f-- HR....


    • Never had asthma in my life and at 23 I now have it after 1.5 years of working there.. while on an ambulance on my way to the hospital after passing out, the paramedics spoke of how frequently they visited km2 and always for the same reason... rhe doctor wasn't surprised when I mentioned where I worked; like it was a ritual for staff of km2 to walk in her office everyone with similar symptoms... I knew then I was doomed and it was too late... I left for my health sake.


    • It does got sick because of it
      Got fired because I kept missing working, because I was sick from it


  11. That placed named Km2 does not give 2 shits about the employees. After the pay SUCKS the working environment and conditions are poor. This is not the 1st time something like this has happened and it surely will not be the last. These people dont care about the wellbeing of the staff. They only care about their clients calls being answered. God bless the day i was able to get away frm the place. These reps go through soo much with that company and refuse to go to the relevant authority bodies to get theae issues ironed out. Instead they sit down like slaves and accept every whip lash they get frm Km2. And the sad thing is, they have yet to realise the power they hold as reps. Km2 needs yourll more than yourll need them. Remember that.


  12. So don't we have a functional public health unit equipped with the necessary manpower and technology to test for environmental hazards at work places. Also to do component, bacteriological and analytical quantification in the case of food products. We are in 2017.


  13. The company who clean the carpet may use the wrong chemicals or the tech simply not train to use the right amount recommend for certain square footage. Hope they hold both companies responsible for such..wish the stuff a speedy recovery....


    • the staff will not be getting paid for that day they missed having to go to hospital ..the health officials need to look into that place . mostly everyday there is an ambulance call


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