Employee held for questioning in Western Union robbery, released

Employee held for questioning in Western Union robbery, released


The female Western Union employee who was held for questioning in relation to Monday’s robbery at Rodney Bay has since been released by the police.

The employee was initially called in for questioning on Tuesday evening. She is one of two employees who were present when the robbery occurred.

Investigators said they are looking at all leads, including the possibility that it might have been an inside job.

It was confirmed on Tuesday that the armed bandit escaped with $61 000 in cash during the heist.

He walked away “calmly” after getting the money, a source said. The gunman was wearing a sunglasses and cap.

The camera system in the business place was not operational at the time of the robbery, but police sources said investigators are reviewing other camera footage in the Mall.



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  1. To add to this INTRIGUE. How did he manage to rob the premises, were the staff and money not behind a security fence of some sort?? what age was the guy?? Questions, Questions, Questions. But I will laugh my head off if I hear the police line up guys wearing a cap and sunglasses. Good thing my granddad is not around.


  2. Security cameras not working AT THE TIME OF ROBBERY. Was it one of the workers that put it off or caused it to be faulty because of they knowing about the robbery. Only asking... never hang your hat where your hands can't reach... never envy what people have because you don't know what evil they did to get it


  3. What a description. The person was wearing"sun glasses and a cap". Was he naked from the waist down? What color shirt and pants was he wearing. Come on.


  4. If there are two persons at a work place y is one person in for questioning smh system is corrupt we only look at thing on onside


  5. St. Lucians always playing Russian Roulette!! I just cannot understand some of the things we do. Here's a list:
    1. We drive our cars at 60 plus miles on corners when we cannot see a thing.
    2. We go out at night and leave 8 year old children to babysit 1 year old children.
    3. We send young girls to collect money from delinquent ex-boyfriends with bad reputations.
    4. We drive around without drivers licenses and vehicle insurance.
    5. Teenager boys weighing no more than 120 lbs and less than 5ft 6ins tall always trying to rob grown men weighing more than 150 lbs and close to 6ft tall.
    6. Western Union having no security when they know they have $61,000 plus in their possession.

    We just love taking ridiculous chances. Statistics is always on our side though. Not all foolish actions get their just desserts. But sometimes we just get unlucky and pay for our stupidity.

    Then we wait a little while and go back to our bad habits!!

    Anyway I haven't heard a word from Western Union officials. Maybe its not our business!!


    • Add to that we keep on voting country bucks with nothing of value to offer other than a promise to fix roads, broken culverts, and put lights on electric poles.
      For years on end, these country bucks have been honoured as outstanding leaders just because they have a law degree.
      Look around and see how many of these hungry, angry and mischief-making morons we have in this small island. Some cannot even argue a case successfully in the law courts, but we have them as PMs, and advisors to government as Attorneys General. They could never even earn their keep except by winning a vote or being gifted with a senate seat, just to talk utter crap on political platforms. But we elect them. We tolerate them. We adore them. And yes, we all catch our tails for this and like idiots, call that better days.


  6. Nothing surprising if she did it, everytime I do a transfer my recipient never gets it until I return there to enquire. Theses to girls always seemed suspicious.


  7. To the Senior Police official who said no one was arrested in connection with incident
    why was this young lady detained?
    It's high time the police go about doing their work properly. If it was an inside job
    prove it
    there are two employees at the place and not one


    • yea but nobody ever said it was the girl that did it and further if they have to prove it they have to hold her for questioning and the other people to so they can gather info to prove that it was maybe an inside job and the reason why the officer said no one was arrested is because he was referring to the person who actually comited the crime which is the guy with the glasses and cap


  8. I'm smiling while I sip my tea... Brave girl... At least they stole from the rich and no poor struggling people. Western Union can easily recover that money from insurance and we all know Insurances are crooks anyway!


  9. I wonder why is her alone they detained? The first story said there were 2 employees there...Even a kid could know that's an inside job.


  10. Security cameras not working, wow this is indeed an inside job. Keep the pressure on coppers and you will get the truth out of them.


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