Emmanuel Neville Cenac is St Lucia’s new governor general

Emmanuel Neville Cenac is St Lucia’s new governor general
Emmanuel Neville Cenac
Emmanuel Neville Cenac

(PRESS RELEASE) – Prime Minister Honourable Allen Chastanet has announced that Her Majesty The Queen was pleased to approve the appointment of Mr. Emmanuel Neville Cenac as the new Governor General of Saint Lucia, effective 1st January 2018.

Mr. Cenac is a former elected MP for the constituency of Laborie, has previously served as Saint Lucia’s Minister for Foreign Affairs and also served as President of the Senate. He was intricately involved in the movement for Windward Island unity. Mr. Cenac, an elder statesman, highly respected in the legal fraternity, retired from active political service in 2006 and has since written extensively on the Constitution of Saint Lucia.

In making the announcement, Prime Minister Chastanet profusely thanked former Governor General Dame Pearlette Louisy for her service.

“Dame Pearlette will always remain an icon in our country as the first woman to hold this office and the longest serving Governor General,” stated Prime Minister Chastanet. “She is also one of our country’s leading educators having served at varying levels in the noble profession of teaching. I know that Dame Pearlette will continue to make a contribution to the development of our country.”

In order to facilitate the transition, the Government had been in dialogue with Dame Pearlette, who marked her 20 year anniversary as Governor General in September 2017 with a calendar of activities in tribute.

“We will always love Dame Pearlette Louisy,” added the Prime Minister. “She has served this country exceptionally and on behalf of the People of Saint Lucia and the Government I say an immense thank you to Her Excellency Dame Pearlette for her grace and her counsel.”

Mr. Cenac will take the Oath of Office at an Installation Ceremony on Friday January 12th 2018.


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  1. St.Lucia must be the laughing stock of the world.I see so many similarities between Trump and Chas!


  2. Dame Perlette's age was a factor in her basically being forced out if office.It so then why is a recycled out dated man being put in the chair.Dame Perlette should still be the GG.Best ever GG!!!


  3. Poor judgment and poor decision making........recipe for disaster.......no wonder the crime rate is rising rapidly in St. Lucia........no leadership......no positive role models.........people get rewarded for bad behavior!

    Grow up St. Lucia! "perception is every thing!" The Lucian youths are watching. St. Lucia had 60 murders last year! Explain this.......

    Mr. Prime minister please lead by example! You have gone into the SNAKE pit!


  4. Neville Cenac as GG is unfathomable. I agree. Some say he should have remained on the Labour side and vote with the UWP every time that a major decision had to be made. That too, is unconscionable. St. Lucia is a polarise society. A neutral GG like the dame, is not easy to come by. You think Kenny Anthony was happy when the Dame informed the public that she was ignorant of the Grynberg affair? Prime Ministers in the Caribbean want their head of state to be partisan. There will be times the GG's office will be called upon to rule for the continuation of good governance. And, that is expected to be in the party interest. Can you remember when Trinidad's Prime Minister Panday's government tied after an election result. The president had to decide. The rest is history.

    I ask 10 concerned St. Lucians to name one St. Lucian who can fit in the Dame's shoe and represent with partiality. I am yet to receive an answer.


  5. There is something called FREEDOM OF ASSOCIATION. So Cenac had the constitutional right to cross the floor...He did it literally! lololol.


  6. The appointment of a Governor General is neither here nor there and politicians who are in power always take an advantageous stance. Who knows with the appointment of dame Pearlette where it stood, however there was no inclination to have me believe that she was political, however the same could be said of her predecessors.

    When it comes to the point of whether Neville Cenac is fit for the post, I can't say, but what i can say is that politicians are no holders of anybody's trust. Just witness how they teamed up against the public on the Constitutional Reform issue. So all that thing about Cenac betraying trust and all that, that's just bull. Because on the other side Vaughn Lewis was fit enough to represent people after crossing the floor.

    My final point is that the people are the greatest betrayers of themselves because they go out and vote for a party and not a representative. So if you are confortable with your Rep then it matters not what party he is aligned to, he will always work in your interest. That was the spirit in which our Constitution was written and the people themselves have broken this spirit when they go blindfolded and vote for party Rep. They will elect a donkey if it were in party colors.

    So who are the fools and the betrayers???

    Keep betraying yourself!!


  7. The treacherous serpent shows his face again. This man has no spine, lacks any shred of honour and is completely shameless. This is your choice Chastenet? I know he has been licking your boots (and any UWP PM's boots really) for any morsels which fall from your mouth. I know that you just want to get rid of this brown-noser so you handed him something to shut him up.

    This was the wrong move. This man has no loyalty and will betray you.


  8. The indecency of SLP hacks knows no bounds.
    They think they have a right over all other St Lucians.
    Compton crossed the floor. Sarah crossed the floor. Odlum crossed the floor.
    Like good intolerant communists/socialists/leftists the SLP viciously attack anyone who stand up to their bullying as has Cenac and now Guy Joseph.
    Give these SLPs a chance and we will be a one party kleptocracy like Mugabe's Zimbabwe.
    Bullying. Indecent. Intolerant. Vile .


  9. The post ought to have been awarded to someone who served distinguishably.. To choose such a polarising and despised figures is downright preposterous, more so when one considers how much the dame was revered. This appointment is certainly a step backward. Then again such antics are consistent with the poor governance of the Chastenet administration.


    • New Testament Verse of the Day:
      "I tell you the truth, until heaven and earth disappear, not even the smallest detail of God's law will disappear until its purpose is achieved."

      – Matthew 5: 18


  10. Chas is now starting to confuse me! His victory was too popular for him to be engaging in weak and suspect play. He came in as a fresh flower and needs to associate himself with decisions which will keep him well hydrated less he assumes a wilting stature.


  11. Experience has shown, that even under the best forms of government those entrusted with power have, in time, and by slow operations, perverted it into tyranny.

    Back in 1987 when the unthinkable happened. Yes, this newly appointed Governor General took advantage of any opportunity to achieve an end, with no regard for principles or consequences. He was elected on a Labour ticket to represent the people of Laborie in the south of the island. and instead of doing just that he shamelessly crossed the floor over to the government benches.

    He did this after the ruling United Workers party found themselves in a tight spot with only one seat majority and so the late Sir John persuaded him to come over to prop up his regime which had narrowly won the election. There were two elections in that year and the same results were repeated twice. The UWP won 9 seats while Labour won 8 in the first election. Sir John decided to call another election within one month and the same thing happened again(UWP 9 -Labour 8)

    It was during a session of parliament after the second election that Cenac alias Chadel Moll (soft candle) marked by a lack of shame crossed the floor to the other side. He was immediately offered the position of Foreign Secretary (Minister) as a thank you gesture by the then Prime Minister Sir John Compton. He then went on to issue threats trying to silence anyone who spoke out against this unjustified and wrongful move.Feeling no shame and impervious to disgrace he continued to represent the people of this southern town with undiminished force unabated.

    Laborie has always been a Labour stronghold and this man violated the trust of the electorate who elected him to represent them in parliament. He did not give one flaming toss about their interest.He only cared about himself and that of his cohorts including Sir John. He adapted his actions and postures to take advantage of opportunities that were to come his way back in the late 80's. He took advantage where opportunity laid and milked it for all it was worth.

    Now he is being made Governor-General- a head of state appointed to represent the monarch of a sovereign state in the governing of an independent realm like St Lucia. He is the Queen's viceroy and will continue to be until he is removed by a new regime or otherwise. Until the 1920s, governors-general were British subjects, appointed on the advice of the British government, who acted as agents of the British government in each Dominion, as well as being representatives of the monarch. As such they notionally held the prerogative powers of the monarch and also held the executive power of the country to which they were assigned. The governor-general could be instructed by the colonial secretary on the exercise of some of his functions and duties, such as the use or withholding of the Royal Assent from legislation; history shows many examples of governors-general using their prerogative and executive powers. The monarch or imperial government could overrule any governor-general, though this could often be cumbersome, due to the remoteness of the territories from London.

    These days Governor Generals are appointed by the head of government of the state. In St Lucia's case, the GG is being appointed and given full support by Prime Minister Allan Chastanet.He has the sole right to do so.Now of all the people he could have nominated to occupy this insignificant and irrelevant colonial outpost, the question that needs asking is: Why this slight and unmeritable man who has nothing to offer the people of St Lucia? Any man who is prepared to compromise the trust placed in him by his people is unfit for public office. If you cannot trust people in little things then you ought not to trust them in big things to come - This position calls for a political heavyweight or a statesman. This man is a chancer and neither of these. He is hardly preeminent and is lacking in substance, pedigree, and importance. Put it simply I do not want someone who is lacking in the basic principles of democracy representing our country at the highest ceremonial level.

    I have argued for St Lucia to get rid of this colonial outpost and to replace it with a president. We are no longer under the British and the Queen should not be our head of state. Why have a head of state so far away who does nothing for us? If you have a monarch then this monarch should be living in the country in a palace with her subordinates ruling her royal subjects. This is not the case with St Lucia, and the sooner Queen Elizabeth is removed as our head of state and replaced with a president the better. St Lucia ought to become a republic. The time is ripe for this.

    In Haiti, we fought a revolution to become a republic. We declared our small Caribbean state a republic after our people took on the might of the French and defeated them. Haiti then became independent in 1804. Countries like Canada, New Zealand, Australia which are dominions of the Commonwealth still retain the Queen as head of state. They are often ridiculed and chastised for having the temerity to remain under the British crown. Which self-respecting country will allow someone in a faraway land to rule them? St Lucia should follow Dominica's example and do away with the Queen as head of state.Dominica, Guyana, Haiti, and Trinidad are the only republics in the Caribbean.

    St Lucia's resilient people are being hornswoggled and bamboozled by the appointment. We have a Prime Minister who has no vision and has been found wanting on many fronts. I have kept quiet for a while now since this man was elected as PM. I have never supported him nor will I ever endorse his Premiership. This globetrotting PM has offered very little to the people of this country. We don't need reminding that he is an esurient capitalist who cares more about capital than he does about the people he is purporting to represent. It's no wonder he has chosen someone with no character to hold this high office. This man is as empty as a hermit's notebook. He is dull and insipid and should stay far away from the parameters and confines of this colonial style house on Morne Fortune. After betraying the people of this picturesque town in the south, if he had any sense left in his little brain then he should exercise it by staying away from all facets of political life in St Lucia. He behaved disgracefully when he crossed over and offered the people in his constituency poor representation.

    Those who expect to reap the blessings of freedom, must, like men, undergo the fatigues of supporting it. The PM is bent on upsetting the people of St Lucia with his poor judgment and leadership. There are a number of distinguished and eminent figures he could have afforded this role in shaping and massaging the transition of this important role in facilitating renewal in this very important office of the state. These prominent and remarkable persons are people who are loyal to his party and are partisan. Why insert an old crow with no energy left to act as Governor General?What has this repulsive figure got to offer anyone? He has passed his sell by date and should be immediately removed from the shelf before he causes any further embarrassment.

    I am calling on the Prime Minister of St Lucia to revoke and rescind this appointment with immediate effect. Chadel Moll is unfit to hold any offices of the state after the disgraceful and impudent manner in which he represented Laborie. He should be consigned to the dustbin of history. St Lucia needs a man of impeccable character and pedigree to become it's new Governor General.Let us not repeat the mistakes of the past for those who do not learn history are doomed to repeat it.What we obtain too cheap, we esteem too lightly.

    Viva St Lucia the Land Of My Beautiful Mother.
    Malcolm L'Overture
    Jacmel, Haiti.


      • You surely have nothing better to do. I wrote this piece creatively. I only sought to use one paragraph about the functions of the Governor-General since I needed to get it right. Like most people, I had to research it. The information I wrote about the functions of the Governor-General towards the middle part of paragraph 6 is in public purview. It's there for all to use. You and all would do likewise.

        People like you never cease to amaze me. You have nothing to offer anyone and so you are hellbent bent on spreading baleful content for transparently obvious reasons. Like I said above and I will reiterate once more 'You are as empty as a hermit's notebook' Instead of doing what you do best which is to spread bile and hokum I suggest You make yourself useful by bringing in something meaningful to this debate.Stop being a dub with your witless tarradiddle.
        You have displayed a lack of complete forethought.I should not even dignify whatever it is that you put on there with a comment But I feel I have to as this sort of thing happens a lot in St Lucia. You lot behave like the English language is solely your language and so you people will go all out to find faults with what people have written. The English language is universal and is a lingua franca for most people.
        I am from the Caribbean and my first language is French followed by Kwayol and then English, mainly due to the fact that I was brought up in Haiti and Europe for most of my life.I speak 6 other languages, all fluently. I don't have to prove myself to you or any other birdbrains like you.You're nothing but a jealous little twat. Get a life mate!


        • Why don't you use your brain before you ask him to use his? The man is asking questions pertinent to this unsolved case and all you can do is to be critical of him. What is your contribution to this debate apart from criticizing Malcolm L'Ouverture?
          People like you are so typical with your usual bluster and rodomontade. You have nothing meaningful to bring to this debate and so you prevaricate and impede someone who is making a contribution which is worthwhile and relevant to the debate that is taking place in this forum. You epitomise what our society is all about in a small nutshell. It's no wonder things are the way they are in our opaque society. Your turbid mind is filled with turbid things. Maybe you need to look within before you look without. Talking about the gentleman taking a trip to France, Perhaps it's you who need to embark on this journey which will no doubt open up your tiny brain cells to life on the mainland of Europe. Get a life mate!


      • You are being unfair to Malcolm. I have read a lot of what he has written in the past and I must say he writes brilliantly. I enjoy reading his essays. You people in St Lucia always have to say something about others - why don't you check yourself before you write about people? You have a typical Lucian attitude. All you do is to criticise. Can you do any better? I guess not. Leave the man alone and let him continue to educate our people who need educating. Stop being a hater. This brother from Haiti have written some splendid essays and I am one of many who enjoys reading them.Leave the man alone and go peel some green bananas if you have nothing constructive to do.


    • Can you put forward some candidates. Maybe based on the level of criticism he has recieved he felt he had no one in his corner.
      Who are some of the people he could have appointed GG?


      • Yes, I can name a few good ones. How about Jeff Fedee, Mcdonald Dixon, Valerie Albert, Steve McNamara? The list is endless and I can go on and on. There are other honourable figures out there who can hold this office of the state. You don't need a Ph.D. holder since it's mostly ceremonial.