Emergency cell phone communications (letter to the editor)

Emergency cell phone communications (letter to the editor)

Dear Editor:
When Hurricane Tomas impacted us in 2010 some parts of the island were incommunicado due to the collapse of the landline and mobile phone infrastructures.

LIME and DIGICEL scrambled to restore network coverage and customers were at the mercy of the provider which was slower in restoring network coverage due to delays caused by access issues, availability of personnel and the extent of damage to infrastructure.

More recently, after the Christmas Eve Trough, I think a senior public official suggested that we should explore the possibility of having local network roaming where a DIGICEL customer can roam on a LIME network and vice versa during emergencies.

An alternative to the local roaming option would be for customers to use affordable unlocked dual-SIM phones which can simultaneously carry SIM cards from both LIME and DIGICEL. These affordable dual-SIM unlocked phones are available on the Internet for under US$30 or EC$82 and give customers the opportunity to seamlessly utilise both networks for regular and emergency use.

In the long run unlocked dual SIM phones eliminate the need for customers to carry two cell phones whilst promoting competition and would help level the playing field in the mobile phone sector.



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  1. Seriously? Is this really a "letter to the editor" and qualified as such and made the criteria for publication on the website?


    • mb5: We must respect other opinions whether you agree with it or not. The purpose of a letter to the editor is for persons to express their opinions on various issues in the society. The person had an idea and expressed it. The person is not claiming to be an expert. That's the purpose of the comments section, so people can dialogue on a healthy discussion, not just criticisms and an effort to tear the writer apart. St. Lucians must endeavour to be more open-minded about articles and not to try to throw dirt on everything that is published.


  2. The problem with that scenario is that most dual SIM handsets don't have the level of functionality that would encourage customers to use them. At least not at present. There are a few honourable exceptions, but by and large dual-SIM phones are not a solution.


      • So what doyou all suggest be done? Cause this is a real issue, and seeing that we should expect more frequent occurance of storms like tomas we need a workable plan.


    • Not true, I've been using dual Sim phones for over 10years now. and they are wonderful. right now i carry a Samsung galaxy dual Sim, which has both line and digicell. it's a smart phone and i can do EVERYTHING with it.


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