Elks Credit Union message for Credit Union Day

Elks Credit Union message for Credit Union Day

2016-10-20 07_48_33-Elks Credit Union Message - Credit Union Day - slunewsonline@gmail.com - GmailPRESS RELEASE – Credit Union Members, as we observe International Credit Union Day today under the theme “The Authentic Difference” it is only fitting that we thank all those who have and continue to contribute to the advancement of the Elks Credit Union and by extension the Credit Union Movement.

You all have made the difference that Credit Unions can boast of and be proud about, as you see the relevance in the  ‘ Credit Union Philosophy” and the Principles that govern the operations of this wonderful movement.

It is with this in mind that the Board of Directors of the Elks Credit Union takes this opportunity to express sincere gratitude to our past Supervisory and Credit Committee Members for their contribution. The presence of those committees would not have been possible without the members; for this we would like to thank every member of the Elks Credit Union for continuing to place the confidence in us. To the Staff we cannot thank enough for their invaluable support and continued service to the membership.

To the past directors we say a heartfelt thank you for laying the foundation that the current Board is building on. We make mention of our past presidents; Mr. Raymond Modeste, Mr. Kinsley St. Hill, Ms. Catherine Leon, Mr. Rupert Branford and our immediate past president, Mr. Linus St. Clair; thank you all for the contribution you have made which is much appreciated by all.

We however take this moment to single out a stalwart in the movement who saw the establishment of the Credit Union from inception and still lives to tell the story. We speak of no other than Mr. Haynes Cyril, past president and only living founder of the Elks Credit Union. Today we honour Mr. Cyril for his contribution in establishing the Elks Credit Union that has evolved into a modern entity with over 5000 members and an asset base of over 15 million. 



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