Elibox earns cricket scholarship

Elibox earns cricket scholarship
Nick Elibox

Saint Lucian cricketer Nick Elibox will be taking advantage of a scholarship opportunity in the United Kingdom when the new term opens.

Elibox, a graduating student of the Castries Comprehensive Secondary School, got the chance to study and play cricket at Woodhouse Grove School through the intervention of noted radio and television commentator, Joseph ‘Reds’ Perreira.

Nick is actually the third Saint Lucian in recent years to take up a scholarship at Woodhouse, following in the footsteps of Dalton Polius and Larry Edward.

The 2015 season has been kind to Nick. Playing for CCSS, he scored 74 against Sir Arthur Leis Community College in March, and then a massive 184 against Entrepot Secondary.

In that match against ESS, he also demonstrated his bowling prowess, taking five wickets. He also took three wickets for just 10 runs playing for BAYS Sting Rays in the final of the South Castries Cricket Association Lotteries T20, guiding his team to the title.

Turning 17 in September, Nick was the second-youngest member of the Saint Lucia team at the Windward Islands Under-19 Championship in Dominica. He gathered two half centuries in the first weekend of trial matches.

Along with Under-19 teammate, Johnnel Eugene, Nick will join the Windward Islands team for the West Indies Cricket Board Under-17 tournament starting this week in Tobago.

Woodhouse has been cited in ‘The Playing Fields Of England’ as one of the top 100 cricket-playing schools in the United Kingdom.

Founded in 1812, the school was established in a rural setting in the heart of the Aire Valley in the north of England. Woodhouse boasts four grass pitches, six artificial practice nets and one artificial pitch, as well as a purpose-built Sports Centre Complex, with four indoor nets.

Interestingly, Nick is set to return home next year with his school. The young cricketers have been touring overseas every years since 1998, and the Woodhouse First and Second XI are meant to travel to Grenada and Saint Lucia.


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  1. Who were the ones who ruled St Lucia for over three hundred years? In case you were not aware it was the British. Yes for three centuries they ruled this island with an iron fist and did nothing to improve the lives of our citizens. St Lucia is much better off now since independence. The stingy English put nothing in place which would help develop our country.Nothing whatsoever!

    What opportunities are you talking about here? You are going on like the English are doing us a favour by offering a scholarship to this young man. Gestures like this is well and truly overdue. It is about time they put something back after all what they pilfered from St Lucia and the rest of the Caribbean. The British have never given anyone anything without wanting something in return. That is the way they operate plain and simple.If anything the real hypocrites you are referring to are the Brits who pretend they are with you but deep down see you the Caribbean and African man as a threat.

    The UK still believe that they are living in their inglorious past. They constantly brag about their colonial pastures with great aplomb. It's always about them and one dare not ask questions about the atrocities they committed around the world - If you live in Britain and speak out against such injustices then you are seen as a rabble rouser and a pariah who should not be living in the country.

    This young man should ensure that he gives his best - show them what you are capable of. Give it your best shot with all the strength you can muster in your very young body. Let the powers that be know that we are still surviving despite the centuries of wilful neglect. Over the years countries like Cuba, Taiwan and Venezuela have come to our rescue in St Lucia and the Caribbean by offering our people scholarships to pursue studies in various fields of education. What has the British done to address this? The fact of the matter is they have done very little since their demise in the Caribbean. We are now charged with running our own affairs and we are doing just fine.

    We need to set up a similar school somewhere in the Caribbean to train our youngsters. We cannot and should not depend on colonial backwaters like the UK to do for us what we should be doing for ourselves and for them to talk about us like we are nothing. The British will offer you help and then badmouth you afterwards. It's in their nature and it's one of the things they do best. We need to stop accepting charity from such people.Let us create our own and it is about time we put things in place to help our country and the region as a whole.. Stop depending on others - We can do it ourselves.


  2. look at that,when we are saying all sorts of things about the white people in England.Who's going to educate this youngman in acheiving his goals whilst,in England to play cricket?Where are all those chastising,critizing white people?Your sons and daughters are still receiving good gestures from white people.In god we trusted all white people.Life is not all about us sometimes.Go there and fulfill your career because,St.lucia doesn't have the facilities to train anybody after all those years.What ashame!Stopped playing hypocritical with thee Englishman St.lucians.If you hate don't take thee opportunities.


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