Electronic voting system proposed to Electoral Commission

Electronic voting system proposed to Electoral Commission
* Not the actual system being proposed.

A proposal has been made to the Electoral Commission by a local company to introduce electronic voting, with the aim of eliminating spoilt votes.

Head of BITbyBIT Amatus Edwards made an appearance on Current Affairs with Clinton Reynolds on MBC Television Tuesday, where he revealed details about the system.

Edwards said the system proposed to the Electoral Commission could prove to be more efficient given the simple features that come with it.

He said it will also alleviate many issues with the voting process.

According to him, the voter would need to touch a screen to indicate their option, but in the event of any challenges, the system will help the voter identify their selection, with the invisible assistance of a presiding officer.

Voters will not be required to use a computer or a mouse, and the voter will be able to verify that their choice was actually printed on the ballot paper at the end of the voting process.

Critics have however suggested that electronic voting has many flaws including electronic ballot manipulation, but Edward said the system developed by his company will produce accurate results.

Edwards said his company is awaiting word from the Electoral Commission on its proposal.

In the 2011 general elections, 2,106  votes were rejected, which represents 2.52 percent of spoilt votes, something Edwards said should not be allowed to happen again.

Elections in Saint Lucia are constitutionally due by 2017.


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  1. Tech systems are not close enough yet, and more transparent counting and education about how to vote will be better, watch this video for a breakdown of possible problems



    • This video LUMPS all voting systems together and passes the weaknesses of some on all. That narrator did not show the benefits of voter verifiable paper audit trail (VVPAT) in validating the integrity of voting systems. He ignorantly called it the world's most expensive pencil. That to me is very dishonest of the narrator. There are different types of evoting systems which carry different levels of risks. I agree that Internet Voting, Postal Voting are bad ideas for some of the reasons that he stated.

      I will TRUST any voting system from anyone ONCE IT PRODUCES A VVPAT.


      • you cannot get a few people in Saint Lucia to vote on paper correctly, thus the spoiled ballots. You would like to replace that problem with an electronic system? a completely new educational program which needs to be delivered to the entire island and anyone not tech capable is then potentially unable to vote correctly. Also what about the situation that occurred in the USA, with videos of people clicking on one candidate and the machine selecting the other? paper trail or not, fix the cheaper system already in place, it isn't completely broken with no chance of ever working. We already have so little money in Saint Lucia, lets not waste it giving money away for what we are already achieving with pens paper and red ink, with very little certainty of improvement.


        • Our system is about 100 times easier to use than pencil and paper. Blind and illiterate have all voted on it without ANY tutoring or training . It requires no training just the usual instructions from the Presiding Officer.

          I actually REDUCES THE OVERALL COST of elections so you are comparing us with the more expensive systems in the business.

          Why are you undermining the presence of Voter Verifiable Paper Audit Trails (VVPAT) ? Shouldn't that convince you that we or a hacker can't steal/rip the elections successfully?


  2. Labour need to win those votes at all cost even ignoring the fact that st lucians are not so technologically literate. we only had universal secondary education about 10-15 years ago. a new system like that cannot be placed in such a crucial election. this election is not a test run. it is about preserving our bread and butter together with our dignity and pride.


  3. The dinosaurs that running and fighting to run our country will rather the spoilt ballots . Them fools just geting use the Internet / networking electronically . Especially if one of them or their family not benefiting from this , they would shelf it in the deepest corner of st. Lucia .
    You know what :

    If we all say we are not voting unless it's done electronically , you see how fast the greedy joes will implement it.


  4. Secondly, the system records the votes both on the machine and on paper. The voter receives the paper copy of his vote and places it in a bid in the full view of everyone. As a result if something goes wrong with the system (no system is error proof) then the count of the physical paper ballots will hold. In fact it is the count of the physical printed ballots that constitutes the official results.


      • Well we have transcend the realm of luck. It is a reality that people with all levels of abilities have successfully voted on the system. The illiterate, blind and mobility challenged.....You must come to our DEMO at Micoud Secondary School this Saturday Jan 30 2016 from 10:00am to 8:00pm.


  5. Pardon my ignorance, but why do they still need to print the ballots. Can the system not tabulate the results; thereby eliminating human error in counting them?


  6. Saint Lucians are too ignorant and illiterate to use this. They will still find a way to beat such a perfect error proof system.


    • Well you, OK, managed to post on SNO...So your theory about "ignorant and illiterate" St Lucians is flawed. I think we will be fine with an electronic system. We have very smart systems designers and analysts in St Lucia. It's not like we are inventing electronic voting, it has been done before (successfully) in many other countries.


      IT Professional


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