Electronic sport on the rise with LIME

Electronic sport on the rise with LIME
Team Saint Lucia set for Video X Games St Maarten!
Sauce Kon winners and organisers with Terry Finisterre from LIME

Scores of the island’s top players were represented at the recent SauceKon: Ascension gaming tournament, and the island’s top telecommunications player, LIME, was one of the main contributors to the event’s success.

Organised by the Gamer Vibe 2.0 team, which hosts a weekly gaming, entertainment and technology show on Choice TV 39, Ascension saw participants competing in four games for cash, prizes, the opportunity to be named national champions and the chance to earn a trip to the Video X Games in St Maarten. The local tournament was held at Scouts Headquarters in Gros Islet.

LIME provided the gamers with a wireless local local area network to afford them to opportunity to network their computers and enjoy greater speed. Four gamers also won Samsung Galaxy Young handsets, equipped with an Android operating system and capable of accessing high-speed data via the LIME 4G mobile network.

Team Saint Lucia set for Video X Games St Maarten!

These were presented to the winners along with the Gamer Vibe 2.0 team just prior to their departure for St Maarten earlier this week. The six-member team representing the Saint Lucian gaming community was also furnished with LIME 4G t-shirts in national colours.

Competitors in the Ascension tournament took part in sports and fighting games, including FIFA 2013, Injustice, Street Fighter 4 and Marvel vs. Capcom 3: Fate of Two Worlds.

Sheldon Montoute was a double winner, the Supreme Champion in Street Fighter and MVC3. Bradley Bailey, Supreme Champion of Injustice, also took second place in Street Fighter and third in MVC3. Zeger won FIFA 2013, with Chantz in second place. The man known only as Gyal Dem was second in MVC3 and third in Injustice.

E-Sports is one of the fastest-growing niches in technology, and the Gamer Vibe 2.0 team is hoping to bring an international tournament to Saint Lucia within the next 12 months.

LIME Corporate Communications Executive Terry Finisterre says this is an exciting development.

“Some research suggests that the video game industry now surpasses both the movie and music industry by audience as the leading form of entertainment in the world,” he says. “As Saint Lucia and the Caribbean’s technology leader, we look forward to seeing what great things these young men can achieve and we are proud that we can help them literally raise their game.”


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