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Electronic monitoring and electronic crimes laws coming

By SNO Staff

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electronic-monitoringGovernment plans to enact “critical legislation” this year to strengthen the criminal justice system.

Governor General Pearlette Louisy made the announcement during her Throne Speech on Tuesday.

Among the legislation to be enacted are the Witness Protection (Special Measures) Bill, Electronic Monitoring Bill, Electronic Crimes Bill, and Child Justice Bill.

Louisy said the Witness Protection (Special Measures) Bill seeks to protect the identity of witnesses who may be at risk should they testify and their identity be known.

She said the Electronic Monitoring Bill will reduce the number of persons sent to correctional facilities on remand, particularly young offenders.

She said the Electronic Crimes Bill will “aim to prevent criminal activities perpetrated through an electronic system and facilitating the collection of electronic evidence relating to criminal activity”.

She went on to say that the Child Justice Bill will establish a criminal justice process for children accused of committing offences that aims at protecting the rights of children as provided for in international instruments.

She added that the Bill “will establish the minimum age of criminal responsibility and establish a procedure for assessment of children, as well as an initial inquiry as compulsory procedures”.

It will also incorporate diversion of cases away from the formal court procedures, ensure that children are tried in a family court, and extend sentencing options available in respect of children, she said.

“Above all, the Bill will entrench the notion of restorative justice in respect of children,” she noted.

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  1. Unfortunately total destruction (world- wide) is the only solution and "Simply Beautiful" is no exception. These security measures only slightly slow down the pace of the ever increasing insane and violent culture we are experiencing mainly in the civilized centers of the planet where the vast majority of people have eyes the are wide shut and bow to the princes princesses of the unjust systems powered by greed, pride and arrogance. We are headed toward the eventual and inevitable cataclysm (fall of babylon).

  2. Not saying that these legislation is not required but there is so much more that can be done. What about the "mother of all legislation" -the Anti Corruption Act, the Freedom of Information Act, Constitutional Reform??? Note that I put Anti Corruption before even the Constitution to emphasize its importance. Not until I see the see these legislation will it give me full confidence in this government.

  3. We are all over the place. Why not focus on one thing at a time.....breathelisers.....speed guns.....illegal parking in the city.....cctv in evidence in court. All these are IN THE MAKING! At least get one implemented all the way plzzzzzzz.

    • You have just exposed a serious deficit in the thinking of those who bubble to the top in this society. There is no strategic thinking.

      In the rivers of life, not all that is yellow that bubbles to the top is gold. Sometimes, from upstream it is just shit.

  4. it happens overseas:
    a man removed the tracking band and put it around the neck of his cat. Police was actually moving the movement of the cat. LOL

  5. That is after the fact. This is again a very short-sighted policy. Prevent crime by making all surveillance equipment and recording material duty-free. Then pass laws to strengthen the long arm of the police to request and the courts to subpoena under the penalty of jai time for refusal to hand over the videos for the prosecution of perpetrators. After a few cases have been brought before the courts, watch the crime statistics fall.

  6. Nice shoes. I want a pair.


    Atleast we moving in a little more of a civilize direction.

  8. Good move! It always good to monitor criminals.

    • Put a few on some of our politicians. Dem need some badly. Everywhere dem go, dem a crookin someting, somehow.

  9. I especially like the electronic monitoring bill. No three meals a day plus expenses for your care at bordelais on remand. You see about you own meals, cooking and cleaning. It also helps with that Innocent until proven guilty part of the law. Right now you are guilty until proven Innocent as you are sent to bordelais (if denied ball) until your trial. And your trial can take up to nine years (see ninja dan).


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