Electronic filing available for tax season

Electronic filing available for tax season

(GIS) – The Inland Revenue Department is encouraging the public to make full use of the electronic filing (e-filing) system available throughout the tax season.

Dilia Jn Baptiste-Therese, a tax inspector within the Tax Payer Services Unit, said there are several advantages to using the e-filing system and filing one’s taxes online.

“E-filing is an online programme. You first become an e-user, you have a user name assigned to you, you log in and through that programme and you will be able to file, you will be able to pay, you will be able to browse your account to see what is updated, and there is a lot more assurance and recourse.”

Mrs Therese said the process to becoming an e-user and the filing of taxes online is a quick and easy one.

“To become an e-user log on to https:\\efiling.govt.lc. You will see a screen that lists the options user name, password, login and register user. If you are not a user at that point you click on ‘register user.’ After you do that you will be prompted to fill out some basic information, like your name, your social security number and so forth but before you start that process, ensure that your browsers are all updated. Apples and Macs we don’t use those, they are not applicable. You need a scanner because you need to get your ID scanned and other documents. So when registering you need a valid picture ID, not selfies, not pictures with your pets. We need you to upload that as an attachment. Once you send in all the information, it takes eight working hours and then you should get some response from tax e-filing.”

All taxpayers are reminded of their legal obligation to submit their annual income tax return to the IRD on or before March 31.


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  1. So those people getting back some of the tax money . Couse that how we do it in barbados . So if one file late so do you have to pay for late filing.


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