Electoral Department to introduce service charges

Electoral Department to introduce service charges


Persons doing business with the Saint Lucia Electoral Department will now have to pay for the services being offered, following a unanimous decision taken to implement this in the new financial year.

Special Assistant to the Chief Elections Officer, Cuthbert St. Juste, told St. Lucia News Online (SNO) on Friday (Jan.8) that several services that were offered free of charge will now cost persons.

The Department provided identity letters and photocopy of records for free, but a decision was taken by management, in April, 2015 that they would need to implement a structured fee for all services.

“In the past, we use to lend out the ballot boxes and screens and persons wouldn’t pay for them. We are now saying that there is a cost to it,” he explained

According to St. Juste, information on the new charges is provided in Statutory Instrument 117-2015.

The Department official also clarified that Saint Lucians will not be required to pay a fee when applying for their national identification card (ID) card, as reported in some sections of the media.

“If you lose your ID card and you cannot account for it, i.e., you cannot present a police record indicting that your house was broken into, then there is a charge of $100 to replace it,” he explained.

St. Juste further explained that if someone is registering for the first time or renewing their ID cards, there are no fees attached to that. They are only asked to take their birth certificate and national insurance card.


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  1. St. Juste why yall had the poor people work doing verification exercise for yall. yall promise the people five dollars per name verified. when the time came to pay after the people went all over verifying names for yall, yall accountant and electoral officer say yall dont have money to pay the people. so yall offer the people two dollars a name instead when the people had made commitments based on what yall promised. Shame on you people.


  2. The man featured in this so called news item, works for the the very same system that Kenny and Chastanet work for, and guy Joseph and all the others. A system built on the backs of peoples, which the sole purpose is to imprison the collective mind of our people. Religion is bullshit. And so is Government and war and poverty and all the pestilence the parasites created to trap you in this dimension. Brothers and sisters, wake up!!!


  3. I am advising all St. Lucians, except the party hacks, you don't need ID card, the politicians are the ones who will need it for you so let them pay for it. By the way, I strongly believe that politicians have to pay us to vote for them, the Labour Party in particular. Remember we pay PAYE, VAT, HOUSE TAX, LAND TAX, VEHICLE LICENCE that is just to name a few. So let Kenny and Allen pay for all ID cARDS.


  4. Citizens of St. Lucia are millionaires so we have to pay for everything and are not enjoying anything in return for our tax monies. St. Lucians are RICH people according to this PRESENT Government.


  5. $100 for an ID card replacement when persons are being robbed everyday of their belongings?
    In an election year when we are so disappointed with those politicians persons would prefer to stay away from the polls rather than paying that fee.


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