Effectiveness of St Lucia anti-gang legislation questioned!

Effectiveness of St Lucia anti-gang legislation questioned!

The Lucian People’s Movement (LPM) says that, while it views the eradication of criminal activities as paramount in achieving peace and security throughout the nation and as a prerequisite for attracting foreign investment to St Lucia, it doubts that the enactment of anti-gang legislation will prove effective in combating crime in the long run.

“The message that is emanating from the government of Saint Lucia is that they have finally run out of ideas as to how to effectively deal with growing crime in the country. Therefore, instead of heeding the LPM’s numerous calls for the convening of a national consultation on crime that would afford the government the opportunity to engage in active and meaningful discussions with a cross-section of Saint Lucian society, they have opted to enact simple laws from the comfort of parliament that will no doubt prove difficult to enforce,” the LPM said in a statement.

According to the LPM, successive governments have failed to create the economic opportunities for young people to succeed. Furthermore, shifting the responsibility from parents, who should be challenged to provide guidance for young people at an early age, is myopic thinking. It also presents greater problems for the police and the courts.

“The government would do well to note the experience of a number of countries, particularly the United States, where the enactment of anti-gang legislation has only served to increase the level of criminal activity rather than to decrease it. To place absolute power in the hands of the police to use scare tactics and brute force to deter young people from criminal activities may work in the short term but will prove very costly for Saint Lucia in the long run,” the LPM continued.

This will, the LPM said, in effect create a police state, which will eventually raise constitutional issues of the right to freedom of movement and association, among other legal challenges, which could cause irreparable harm to the international image of the country.

“However, a greater problem for Saint Lucia is the widening of the trust gap that is bound to occur between young people (including the criminally minded ones) and the police,” the party said.

“For a while, those who are disposed to committing crime will simply lie low until they have figured how to skirt the laws. Saint Lucians can then expect a sharp reversal to more violent crime than ever before,” the LPM added.

The LPM therefore called upon the government to deal with the root causes of crime, which are poverty, the lack of opportunity for upward economic and social mobility, drugs, poor parenting skills, and an educational system which fails to teach young people of their responsibilities to the nation as Saint Lucian citizens.


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  1. I don't expect the governemnt to parent children for adults. Some guys will have to start taking responsibility especially when they go after young girls getting them pregnant. Children making Children. This is a big problem in Saint Lucia. Although some crimes we just cannot prevent but people must learn to take responsibility for their children.


    • Children making children has always been a problem in St. Lucia. If you think I am lying, all of you who are 40 yrs and over, ask your parents how old they were when they had their first child, I am almost certain it would be around 13 - 15 years of age. My two grandmothers had theirs at about 13. (Note: I am against child abuse in all its forms)

      Now, although children were making children, the crime rate, especially murder, was extremely low. Why was that? The possible answers are as follows:

      1. Greater parenting responsibility
      2. Greater religious involvement and responsibility
      3. The community raised the children
      4. Persons were generally satisfied with what they had
      5. Guns and drugs were not readily available
      6. Gangs were not even a thought
      7. smaller population.


  2. Give us statistics and your article will be more credible. To mention in the US the enactment of anti-gang legislation has only served to increase the level of criminal activity without supporting data is inadequate.


    • lol.. You really needs stats to understand what the fundamental causes of the crime coming from the lower echelons of society are? Ok well just wait for it, it will come.... I mean seriously, its about time we start being more proactive and productive member of society in dealing with public issues that impact us and our people's social and economic wellbeing . Simple google searches can help anyone determine if crime has dropped or increased since the enactment of any anti-gang laws in any country... wise up people wise up!


  3. LPM could not be more correct. All those who are making excuses for the simpletons in government are part of the problem.


  4. Dear LPM, find a way to solve the problems too,offer solutions uh, everytime y'all only pointing out the shortcomings, but I guess y'all waiting for y'all to get into power to solve the problems,right?..And for the record some of these kids involved in these gangs just don't want to learn period, don't want to move from their present situations, they like fast life, fast money, the young girls like bad mun, smfh, since when is bad parenting skills a government issue to deal with, you make children you cannot raise as model citizens and government is supposed to deal with that?????


    • well he did indicate where the problems start initially.so thats a start. lets not make things so personal. we're all citizens of st.lucia.


  5. LPM you need to chill, if you have ideas then share them, no need to critique everything. Don't lose the supporters that you already have. Government try something, let's see if it works.


  6. Mr. LPM, what you are suggesting has been suggested before . . . "convening a national consultation on crime', address poverty, address drugs, etc. You have said a whole lot but actually saying nothing.

    What you need to let us know is: what will you do to combat crime? HOW ARE YOU GOING TO ACHIEVE WHAT YOU HAVE SUGGESTED?

    The second question of HOW is more important than what? When you have itemized you list of "what" and "HOW" then and only then I will engage you.


  7. opportunistic politician....it just 9a.m and you come up with that whole article already...now you have solutions and reccomendations... our lost your opportunity..R.I.P XP for life.


  8. opportunistic politician... now yall want legislation?? you come up with dat article fast eh it aint even 9 a.m....We lost a friend but its a opportunity for some...god knows...we lose a friend R.I.P XP


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