Educators prepped for ICT programme

Educators prepped for ICT programme

Educators pursuing the first ever Advanced Certificate in Education ICT integration are now better able to proceed with the programme following a one-day training exercise recently.

The course is part of the European Union-funded Education Enhancement through Information Communication Technology Programme, branded under ICT – the ‘I Can’ Technology. One of the major goals of the programme is the integration of ICT in schools and the community.

Lecturer at the Division of Teacher Education at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College, Roystan Emmanuel, says while participants began the online programme a few weeks ago, the exercise gave them the opportunity to come together, meet their facilitators and resolve concerns.

The educators say the exercise was a successful one and the advice and support boosts their confidence going forward.

The programme consists of 10 courses and is modeled on the UNESCO ICT Competency Framework for Teachers and the Commonwealth Certificate for Teacher ICT Integration (CCTI).

Upon completion of this certification programme, the educators are expected to use the latest technology to meet specific teaching and learning needs.

The training session was attended by 80 teachers and principals, and follows an orientation held in May for facilitators of the certificate programme.


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