Education technology upgrade: SmartTerm launches its much anticipated school Parent Portal

Education technology upgrade: SmartTerm launches its much anticipated school Parent Portal

(PRESS RELEASE VIA SNO) – SmartTerm, the school and learning management platform revolutionizing the way education is facilitated in the Caribbean, is set to release its Parent Portal when the new school year kicks off this week.

The portal will dramatically transform the way teachers and parents communicate within schools and increase parental involvement in education.

The Parent Portal, which is an addition to SmartTerm’s school and learning management platform, allows parents and teachers to easily communicate throughout the school year. The portal gives parents an opportunity to view their child’s grades immediately as it is posted into the system, thereby allowing parents to get more involved with their child’s education.

“Both teachers and parents have been asking for it. We have delivered,” said Shamir Sadder, CEO of SmartTerm. “Studies have shown that parental involvement in education is paramount to children’s success. We have created a platform that makes this involvement easy.”

The Parent Portal comes after SmartTerm, which officially launched in May 2016, rolled out its school and learning management platform. The platform has been streamlining academic and administrative processes within both primary and secondary institutions across the Caribbean, including features that support report generation, managing student information, managing classrooms and subjects, attendance management, and online access to classroom resources. These benefits have helped schools and parents save time and money.

“The use of technology in the classroom is important because it helps the teacher to better meet the student’s learning style and make lessons more interactive,” said Antoinette Wyatt, Grade and Technology Coordinator at St. Richard’s Primary School. The team at SmartTerm understands our needs and work tirelessly to ensure that what we need is just a click away.

With machine learning becoming increasingly important to efficiency in schools, SmartTerm has created a solution to tackle many of those inefficiencies.


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