Education officials meet

Education officials meet

(GIS) – Education officials met recently to chart the way forward for the education sector this academic term.

The gathering included the Chief Education Officer, the Deputy CEO, district education officers and primary and secondary school principals from both the private and public sectors. A key area of focus was the Education Quality Improvement Programme (EQUIP).

Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert, said: “You will notice the EQUIP project has a very strong emphasis on special education; ensuring that our children who are differently abled or have learning challenges are catered for. I would like to embrace the notion that this should not be a culmination point but at some point all of these children can be reintegrated into mainstream education.

“With respect to infrastructure for special needs facilities there are two which will be looked at very closely during this (EQUIP) programme, as well as the training afforded to facilitators, care-givers and teachers in the subsector.”

Minister Rigobert also provided an update on the smart school’s initiative.

“When we say smart school we mean pedagogically smart, infrastructurally smart, technologically smart, and climate smart. It should also cater for multiple intelligences and students with special needs, as well as energy smart.”

The minister added that while “smart” schools tends to have a very strong technology focus, she preferred to embrace a definition that includes catering to the multiple talents and needs of students.


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