Security arrangements at SALCC being reviewed following alleged rape attempt

Security arrangements at SALCC being reviewed following alleged rape attempt


The Ministry of Education has condemned the recent incident involving a security personnel accused of allegedly attempting to rape a female student at the Sir Arthur Lewis Community College.

Chief Education Officer Marcus Edward said the ministry is “utterly disturbed” by the event and said it expects that the college will review it’s security arrangements.

The alleged perpetrator in question may be from a private firm hired by the college.

“We expect security personnel to operate with the highest regard for the individuals whom they are engaged to secure. Allegations as it may be, we will treat such matters with utmost efficiency and urgency,” he asserted.

Edward stated that a meeting is being organised between the leadership and chairperson of the college board to review and discuss the situation, so as to put measures in place to avoid a possible reoccurence.

“I would expect that the college will meet with the student body and parents to arrange support services for the victim in this matter. But we want to take this time to say that as a community, as a society, we must condemn such acts. And I think we as a society do condemn such acts,” he added.

The education official said society cannot accept and should not tolerate persons, whether they are employees or persons who are put in position to safeguard the welfare and well-being of others to disrespect them and seek to violate them.

“The Ministry of Education strongly condemns the act that has been allegedly perpetrated at the college.”

An 18-year-old female claims she was playing hide and seek with classmates on Wednesday evening, when the security guard allegedly followed her to the room she was hiding, and closed the door behind him.

He began asking the student inappropriate questions and pulled out his penis.

After witnessing that, the young woman reportedly jumped through a window and shouted for help.

The man was arrested by police on Wednesday evening.

Persons in the legal profession said it might be a case of indecency and not attempted rape.


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  1. Nothing is wrong with security arrangement.Do not blame yourselves it only have to do was a pervert who was entrusted.One never know someone heart.We will fine a bad apple in any organisation.I hope the other security staff live up to expectations.HOPE THAT STUDENT GET THE NECESSAY SUPPORT.


  2. Firstly, bravo to those involved for conering the accused and confronting him!

    Also, I completely agree with you, luciaboy!

    So, it seems that te security guard likes to show his penis. I'm sure that if gets a couple of weeks Bordelais that our big pipe-swning homies will ensure that he pulls his pants down to see his penis, and he'll also no doubt get to know theirs the hard way.

    It also seems tht he likes when the game hide-and-seek is played. During his government funded staycation at Bordelais, he should also then enjoy a variation on the game they play in the showers called hide-the-wiener.

    The general pattern of such perpetrators such as the accused is that they have started such behaviour at an early age, so this is very likely not the first time. It is also someone often in a position of trust and/or authority.

    Also, most victims are very reluctant to report it because of how they will be mis-perceived by society. This allows the behaviour to continue unsanctioned for what can sometimes be decades, in inexorably traumatizes the victims for life.

    Ask all thewomen you know, each, if they have ever been a victim of abuse or inappropriate behaviour or inappropriate advances. I guarantee that the percentage that say yes will shock you.

    In such cases, what many jurisdictions do is publish the name and picture along with an appeal for any other victims t confidentially come forward. This approach is proven to work.

    SALCC and all of us should be urging that this be done.


    • It is Alleged, until he is "PROVEN GUILTY" in the court of law I think we should refrain from tarnishing his name and character.


      • Congratulations, you pay attention when watching your police shows on TV. Yes, he will have his day in court with due process.

        The fact of the matter is simple --- names and pictures of people arrested and charged are published.

        There is also a compelling societal issue here, writ large, regarding the abuse of women, and women being afraid to come forward.

        What is undeniable --- independent of whether this man is found guilty or not in court, the occurrence serves, hopefully, to start a dialogue about the larger underlying, not talked about dizzyingly dark problem that many girls and women have faced in the past, and still currently face.


    • They hire anyone for security, there is a man who work there, and only this year during cxc he entered my home, not knowing there was ppl at the house.


      • Thank you for sharing this with us.

        I hope that you circulate this web page to as many of your friends as possible, who sent it to other friends, and so on such that they can post their stories for those who run our schools, our elected officials and others can read.

        Time to build awareness of a problem that no one talks about, kick over the rock and see what's hiding beneath.

        You go!


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