Education ministry, CARE to target students with below-national-average Common Entrance results

Education ministry, CARE to target students with below-national-average Common Entrance results
Education Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert.
Minister Dr. Gale Rigobert

(GIS) — During the budget debate, Minister for Education, Innovation, Gender Relations, and Sustainable Development, Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert explained that 500 teachers will this summer benefit from a training program that will modernize education approaches and strengthen leadership skills.

“The summer institute will also focus on providing additional training to principals, vice principals, and teachers in approaches to positive discipline and this training will continue to equip leaders with the necessary skills, strategies, and protocols as we transition to positive disciple approaches to behavioral modification,” she said.

Hon. Dr. Gale Rigobert also informed that the Ministry of Education has collaborated with the Centre for Adolescent Renewal and Education (CARE) to ensure education that is inclusive and responsive to the needs of all students.

“This partnership will target, in the first instance, students whose results at the Common Entrance Exam fall way below the national mean,” Dr. Rigobert said.

“These students will be introduced to the junior life program offered at CARE. Through this collaboration, remedial work will be undertaken and upon having attained a satisfactory level of performance or competence, students will have the option of being reintegrated into the mainstream system or continue through the CARE program with a view to graduating with CVQ’s in areas of their choice.”

Additionally, eight teachers will benefit from a three-month training course in the Service Volunteered For All Program in Trinidad, to lend continuous support to students transitioning from CARE to the education system.


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  1. There are students who had way below average common entrance grades, but were still intelligent. It all depends on what one's perception of intellect is. These students would have been sent (disposed of) to the then Rock Hall senior secondary school... One is a lawyer, another a doctor along with a third who is a social worker abroad. Students should not be assigned to pursue vocational studies, just because they aren't academically inclined at such young ages. There should be secondary schools dedicated specifically to vocational studies, that students can be given the option of applying to. We live in a different time, however this education system still remains backward.


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