Education Ministry announces new document certification rates

Education Ministry announces new document certification rates


PRESS RELEASE – The Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Labor, as of Dec. 1, 2015, will attach a cost to the process of verifying or certifying academic and professional qualifications.

The process, being managed by the Department of Human Resource Development, has for many years been executed with no charge, with the unit bearing all of the costs associated. It is due to this reality that the rates will now be applied.

Rates for verification/certification of documents will range from $5 to $30 based on the particular request being made and the level of qualification of the document being verified, since higher level awards require more in-depth investigations.

The process remains the same: originals and copies of certificates are lodged with the Department of Human Resource Development and takes a period of three to five working days for completion. However, the Ministry will put in place measures to deal with urgent requests.

Customers will be entitled to five certified copies of each document being verified. The rates applied do not include photocopying. That service is provided separately by the Ministry at a cost, per copy, to the customer.

Customers who regularly need photocopying services can also register for the Ministry’s pre-paid card, which can be topped up at their convenience.

The Human Resource Development Department is situated on the 4th, Floor Francis Compton Building, Waterfront Castries.  For details, please contact the verification desk at 468-5291.


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  1. A pack of cigarettes a day $11.00....$77.00 per week.6 heineken per day $30.00.1 bottle of whiskey on the weekend $100 plus.Things that are destroying us we don't have a problem to pay for....but we complain about everything any government implement to collect taxes...are we doing the rite thing?


    • maybe thats what your kids and your family do... the rest of us young people are getting an education and working hard to get further in life. this is yet another hurdle for us to get over.


  2. ha boy. the government finding all ways to get persons hard earned money. Looking for a job and need certificated but have to dish out more money one already doesnt have. Better days. We will soon have to pay to watch tv in our own home.wont be surprised if they start ahving us pay for an application form for employment


  3. why are more measures and tax put in place when KDA is here. Oh poor Lucians. Them ministry officials are lazy and waste time. Poor service.


  4. they do not have the CAPE mastersheet, they cannot certify it. Lazy people, you have to bring them the original and the copy, if you are certifying, why do you need my original. y is it only five that are accepted. Incompetent, lazy public service workers, they make you put your number on the notebook yet they never call you. They want you to get a transcript yet you have to pay even if you have a statement of results. If you have a copy that was certified years ago, they tell you it is irrelevant. When you have an original certificate give to you by cxc and copies were certified, does it matter how recent that it was done. They should bomb all you all lazy servants. Lucians are being taxed to the max. Lazy ass people, all they do is go on fb and stroll in town. Certify and verify, just to pay for a stamp and signature.
    I am sick of you people, why is there a minimum number that can be certified?that should not matter. Kenny taxing people to the max. The government is only employing big boys.


    • Betsie I agree with you. Everything u said is true.....still have to bring your original and all they doing is stamping and signing....since when they verif ting things. I will start charging them for all the time I waste at their offices.


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